The Richards sisters may have put a Band-Aid on their issues when they had lunch with Eileen in the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but their troubles are far from over. Especially when Brandi is intervening at any opportunity. Let’s see if Kyle and Kim can pull it together in this episode, “Surprise!”

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I’m On a Cleanse

Brandi goes to do some more yoga at Yolanda’s with hot yoga instructor Keith (give Keith and his muscular legs his own Bravo show!). Brandi’s on an alcohol-free cleanse for 21 days just to prove to the other ladies that she can do it. That seems like a stupid reason to make a lifestyle change, but here’s to hoping that Brandi’s a little less awful while sober.

Kyle goes to visit Lisa and her swans at her home. She expresses her frustrations with Brandi, and Lisa’s advice is to basically kill her with kindness. Kyle’s strategies are usually more along the lines of “talk about it behind her back,” and if that doesn’t work then “pout and then throw a fit at a party.”

Eileen has dinner with her husband, Vince. They’re talking about doing a table read with the ladies for his new movie. Eileen doesn’t want to serve alcohol at the function, but Vince thinks alcohol is necessary to loosen everyone up.

The Lisas head to Eileen’s together in Vanderpump’s Rolls-Royce. Rinna casually brings up Kim’s sobriety issues and it’s clearly something that Vanderpump is uncomfortable talking about. She’s learned to stay out of Kim’s sobriety issues. But Rinna says that what she saw in the limo on the way to poker night was highly disturbing and Kim needs help. She says they should all be concerned for Kim.

Brandi meets her friend Jennifer on the beach. She’s surprised to get a call from Ken, who invites her to Lisa’s surprise birthday party. Her joy at hearing from him is erased when he warns her that if she’s going to come, she better be on her best behavior. Brandi’s understandably insulted after being spoken to like that, but honestly, if she’s going to act like a child she should probably expect people to treat her like a child.

Brandi and Jennifer also talk about Kim, something Jennifer feels qualified to comment on only because of her issues with addiction. She tells Brandi that she doesn’t have the tools to give Kim the help she needs, and only Kim can make the decision to help Kim.

No Small Role

Kim and Kyle drive together to Eileen’s. Kyle admits that they’re just pretending everything’s okay because it’s easier than talking about it. Kim isn’t thrilled about going to Eileen’s because she thinks Eileen tried to stick her nose in her business. She also continues to defend Brandi to Kyle, saying she just doesn’t know about their history as sisters when she runs her mouth. Kyle says if that’s the case, she should take her own advice and “shut the eff up.”

The table read at Eileen’s goes pretty well. Kim’s excited to see Vince and his brother Jimmy since they were child stars together. She gets into her role of a puppeteer poker player in Vince’s movie and they all have a lot of fun. Eileen even lets Lisa Vanderpump hold her Emmy after they’re through.

Later, Kim gets emotional talking about her ex-husband to the ladies. She says she’s been going through a lot, and when she’s feeling bad she tends to isolate herself, and Brandi’s has been good at getting her out of those funks lately. Lisa Vanderpump says support isn’t the issue, it’s that Kim is letting Brandi come between her and her sister. Lisa Rinna thinks that Kim created a bigger issue with Brandi and Kyle so they won’t take a closer look at Kim and realize what’s happening with her. Lisa Rinna encourages her to go to a meeting or get some help so she doesn’t have to be alone, but Kim is in no mood to be taking advice from a casual acquaintance, no matter how well meaning she is.

Yolanda takes a break from taking several of her million vitamins to plan a scavenger hunt for her friends. She plans on making “Dream Team” t-shirts to hand out, and is just planning a fun night where she and her friends can just bond and have a nice time finding random stuff around LA.

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At Lisa’s surprise party, Eileen and Lisa Rinna continue to express their concerns for Kim, even though now it seems like they’re crossing a line.

Yolanda does things the right way when she comes to the party and sees Kim; she pulls her aside. She tells her that if she ever needs her help, Yolanda is always there for her and would never judge her. At that point, Yolanda has done all she can for Kim as a friend at the moment. It’s on Kim to reach out to her. She doesn’t need a bunch of well-intentioned busy bodies to tell her about her issues.

Ken tries to get Lisa to stop at Pump on their way to the birthday dinner, but she insists they have no reason to go into work tonight. She nearly derails his plan for the surprise, but he does end up finally getting her there. Her friends jump out from the bar and she’s completely surprised. She’s so happy to be surrounded with people she loves … and Brandi.

Things between Brandi and Lisa feel tense all night. It’s almost as if Lisa is only being as nice as she has to be because they’re technically only co-workers and they have to co-exist on camera. Brandi snickers during Muhammad’s toast to Lisa. And Lisa “jokes” about how Brandi’s a “bitch” in her toast when Brandi walks away. Then Lisa tells Brandi to sing her a song for her birthday. Brandi is a good sport about it, especially considering she’s not even drunk, and sings her an awful birthday song about how sorry she is. Then she looks bitter when Lisa and the other ladies have a lot of fun goofing off and singing made-up songs into the mic without her.

Eileen pulls Kyle aside at the end of the night. She says she and Lisa Rinna are concerned about Kim deflecting her behavior. She asks Kyle invasive questions about what program she’s on and if she has a sponsor. Kyle kindly suggests that she butt out, but Eileen thinks it’s her moral responsibility to acknowledge Kim’s problems. Kyle wishes her good luck with that, but she knows it won’t end well.

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