This season of The Celebrity Apprentice has been filled with drama, feuds and some amazing new vocabulary words “(toxic trick,” for example). When Donald Trump called the three remaining celebrities, Vivica A. Fox, Geraldo Rivera, and Leeza Gibbons, back to the boardroom, we knew that Trump would whittle the trio down to the final two contestants.

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win Season 7?

What was unexpected is that Vivica signed her own pink slip by admitting that she is not as good a player as Geraldo and Leeza. Trump fired her, leaving Leeza and Geraldo as the final two competitors tasked with creating a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort that will be shown at a red carpet fundraising function. Let’s see if we can figure out who will win The Celebrity Apprentice season 7 and a cool $250,000 for their charity.

Leeza Gibbons

Charity: Leeza’s Care Connection
Team Leeza: Brandi Glanville, Kevin Jonas and Johnny Damon

Is there anything that Leeza can’t do? Apparently not. No matter what the task is, her calm and strong approach has worked wonders on wrangling unruly teammates. (I’m talking to you, Geraldo and Ian.) She is an expert in public speaking, knows a lot about brand messaging and works hard. She manages to stay out of the drama that has followed some of the celebrities.

I can’t think of any negatives in Leeza’s performance. She doesn’t have the access to the deep pockets that Geraldo can rally, but since this task isn’t based on fundraising alone, it shouldn’t hurt her.  She’s been the best competitor in this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. If she can coordinate some of her more care-free team members, such as Brandi and Johnny, who ditched their shopping duties for a roller coaster ride, I think she will turn in a great commercial.

Geraldo Rivera

Charity: Life’s Work
Team Geraldo: Vivica A. Fox, Lorenzo Lamas and Ian Ziering

I can’t believe that Geraldo has made it this far. I really can’t. His ideas and slogans are way off the mark. He is also prone to making unfortunate comments, like when he mentioned terrorists during the New York City boat tour. His ego is enormous, and he tries to take over any task he is involved in. He assigned Lorenzo and Vivica to come up with the shot plan but then hijacked the first location for the commercial. I am still trying to block out that image of Geraldo strolling around the set in his underwear doing arm curls from earlier this season.

He did come up with one good lyric for the Bud Light Rita drinks: “nice over ice.” That was the pinnacle of his contributions for the season, in my opinion. His one strong suit is dialing for dollars, and Geraldo has brought in a lot of large donations.

Of course, this show is not just about performance. Donald Trump has, it appears, known Geraldo for a long time. That is the only explanation that I can muster for why Geraldo is still on The Celebrity Apprentice since he was the one common denominator in all of Team Vortex’s losses.

Who Will Win?

I am betting that Leeza Gibbons will handily win this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. There is no way she can lose, short of quitting the show. If there is another outcome, the show has just lost any bit of credibility it once had.

Who do you predict will win The Celebrity Apprentice season 7?

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Mondays at 8pm on NBC.

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