In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Puerto Read-Co,” Phaedra and Demetria’s relationship gets off to a rocky start. And the ladies all head to Puerto Rico, dragging not just their luggage but a ton of emotional baggage as well.

Nothing guarantees some catfighting like a girls’ trip, so the ladies of Atlanta are set to pack their bags and head to Puerto Rico. This excursion is being sponsored by songstress and possible Housewife-in-waiting Demetria. She’s subsidizing the trip, or rather Roger Bobb is, so the ladies and RHOA fans can watch her perform.

Feet First

Before jetting off, Claudia decides to visit the doctor to do something about her feet. Claudia had revealed several episodes back that she was self-conscious about her feet, and this week we learn why. The otherwise stunning woman has some ratched feet. Props to her for exposing her bunions and corns on national TV, though. Too bad for Miss Claudia that she requires surgery, which means that she might have to take a pair of UGGs to paradise.

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Made in the Shade

Other noteworthy pre-travel activities among the housewives include Kandi offering Demetria tea and sympathy after the woman was publicly shamed by another party guest at Kandi’s all-girls soiree during last week’s episode. Anyone reading this probably knows that Demetria found out her media mogul boyfriend, Roger Bobb (as if the name isn’t ridiculous enough without the extra ‘b’), was stepping out with a blue-haired hussy by the name of Gocha.

NeNe and Phaedra pay Demetria a visit, and NeNe isn’t shy about offering up her opinion. She thinks Demetria should have gotten all the dirty deets from Gocha and then confronted Roger Bob. Demetria responds that she did indeed confront her boyfriend, and he reminded her that they were on a break at the time. Demetria says if they hadn’t been pulling a “Ross and Rachel,” Roger Bobb would be in hot water. Neither NeNe nor Phaedra are buying what Roger Bobb is selling, but Demetria knows which side her bread is buttered on, so she appears content to look the other way.

Phaedra is all over Demetria about her personal and professional lives. She tells Demetria that she’s too old to be a pop star, that after eight years Roger Bobb needs to propose or get off the pot, and questions whether the woman has ever done crack. Not very gentile behavior for a southern belle.

Will the Real NeNe Please Stand Up?

As I continue to ponder what exactly it is that Kenya does for a living other than being a non-housewife on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the former beauty queen turns to Cynthia, more specifically Cynthia’s assistant, to find her candidates in the search for an assistant of her own. Kenya is still a little frosty after NeNe gave her the cold shoulder, and something tells me the tropics won’t be hot enough to thaw relations between the ladies. Cynthia calls NeNe mean, and both she and Kenya feel that NeNe has been “flip floppin'” in terms of her attitude.

Beauties and the Beasts

The ladies arrive in Puerto Rico and Claudia, Cynthia and Kenya have labeled themselves “Team Beauty,” of course implying that the rest of the group, in particular NeNe, are beasts. Finally, after a fairly ho-hum season, the ladies are bringing it.

Demetria fills in Kandi and Porsha about Phaedra’s flings and arrows, and neither are surprised. They assure the newcomer that they too have been “light-shaded” by the petite lawyer. For those not in the know, this term describes some of Phaedra’s more passive aggressive behavior.

Phaedra’s ears have got to be burning by the time her plane touches down on the tarmac because Demetria has made sure all the women know how she was slighted by her. Kenya wastes no time capitalizing on the situation. It’s a win-win for her. She’s got an ally in Demetria, and she gets to make it all about her by rehashing how often she’s been victimized by Phaedra.

The People vs. Phaedra Parks

The whole group comes together for dinner, and Demetria confronts Phaedra about her shady behavior. Phaedra feels like she’s just telling it like it is, and any woman who is secure with herself should appreciate her honesty. Phaedra is also certain that somebody has been stirring the pot to get Demetria all stewed up.

The ladies keep saying “honey,” but the conversation is anything but sweet. Phaedra lays Demetria out by telling her that if she doesn’t want her relationship to be a topic of conversation, she shouldn’t bring it up. I’d say Demetria is out of her depth trying to debate an attorney. But Demetria proves she’s come to play when she says that the only thing the women have in common is the number eight. As in, she’s at eight and counting with RB while Apollo is on his way out the door.

Low Blows

Cattiness is contagious and it spreads like wildfire around the table. Cynthia and NeNe have a go, and finally Claudia lets loose on RHOA‘s queen bee and head mean girl. She tries to take the high road, but NeNe doesn’t have that programmed into her GPS. Allegations of bankruptcy, arrests and promiscuity fly between the two. With all this bad blood being shed on the first night, what does the rest of the trip have in store?

I suppose I’m a traitor to my gender because I prefer the ladies when they aren’t on their best behavior. They were on fire this week, and I’m sure I will not forget about Kandi’s handy tip on how to stimulate a man’s testicles during fellatio for a long, long time.

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