Tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne throws a party to launch her new vodka line, Ken and Lisa have a special gathering of their own, Brandi is again in the hot seat and Adrienne and Paul announce their separation.

Adrienne, after being absent for most of the season, resurfaces to launch her new vodka line called Zing.  Brandi, who was not invited and Lisa, who chose not to attend, enjoy some relaxation time gossiping and getting frisky massages. Brandi states that all of Adrienne’s parties are to promote some new business endeavor and Lisa seems to agree. The show goes back and forth showing Adrienne attending to every last detail for her launch party and Brandi and Lisa discussing Adrienne’s perceived flaws and issues. Brandi believes the marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement.

Speaking of the happy couple, Paul is doing his best to annoy Adrienne as usual. As staff tries to put the food out, Paul is busily sampling everything he can get his hands on. “Me first, me first and then when I need help, it’s sayonara,” Adrienne says in reference to Paul. Meanwhile Paul’s response is “typical day, typical insult.” After all, this is not a couple known for their canoodling.

The vibe at the Maloof house is that of an ancient Greek bordello. Perhaps, Camille puts it more politely when she says everything is “over the top big.” With the exception of Lisa and Brandi, all the girls are present. Adrienne suggests they all take a shot which doesn’t sit well with our “Dutch Dynamo,” Yolanda. It’s just not her style. Marisa shares a text that she got from Brandi a few days earlier suggesting that, in an attempt to save their marriage, she and her husband should each give each other a “hall pass.” Marisa claims to not fully understand what this means which is surprising given how she talks about how she got married too young and is sick of her husband. All of a sudden she’s offended. For those few of you out there who might not know what this means; it’s basically sanctified infidelity.

The conversation then turns to how Brandi is an advocate of threesomes and how she admitted while they were in Paris to having engaged in at least one herself. Faye Resnick claims that is probably why the marriage failed. I hate to even think it, but I’m betting Faye steps in as a new housewife if there is a fourth season. It is funny to watch how Brandi can get these womens’ panties in a bunch, and she’s not anywhere in the near vicinity. Yolanda urges, as she always does, that Marisa talk to Brandi about the situation. Yolanda feels, with good reason, that Marisa is trying to throw Brandi under the bus.

One of the ladies suggests that Brandi may have a crush on Marisa’s husband. Marisa says that her husband believes this to be true. Easy there string bean, you may have some Hollywood pedigree, but you are not much to look at. Kyle actually comes to Brandi’s defense claiming that after being cheated on by her ex-husband, Kyle doesn’t believe Brandi would do that to another woman. Next Faye spills the beans that Brandi was found in a compromising position with a man in a bathroom during Kyle’s “White Party.”

Yolanda continues to try and defend Brandi since she’s not present to defend herself. Adrienne gets argumentative and says that the leggy bombshell has thrown all of them under the bus including Yolanda. Yolanda pushes Adrienne for this “inside” information but she comes up blank. This just reinforces Yolanda’s opinion that Adrienne is not a credible source. There is simply not enough time or space to go over every backstabbing comment made about Brandi at the party, but you get the general idea.

As casually as you might say “hi” Lisa drops the bomb on camera that Adrienne and Paul announced their separation online the morning of her housewarming/vowel renewal party. As Lisa tortures her party planner, Brandi and her permanent sidekick, Jen head to the party. Brandi says she’s not surprised that Adrienne and Paul are separating but she feels the timing is suspect. Nothing like a personal crisis to get people to buy your booze. Sounds like a bit of a stretch but you never know. Brandi is also in the know, thanks to BFF Yolanda, about the things that were said about her at Adrienne’s party.

After what feels like an eternity of cheek kissing, “Oh, darling you look marvelous” comments, and general non-stop speculation about the Maloof separation, Marisa is forced to face the music regarding her comments at the Zing party. Marisa scrambles obviously not used to having to be accountable for her actions. Marisa tells Brandi that she didn’t think it was a big deal, and she saw that Brandi was kind of looking out for her.

Yolanda calls her out saying that Marisa had a different take on the whole ordeal at the party. Marisa seemed more offended at the accusation that her marriage was in trouble. Brandi still believes that to be true. It doesn’t help when Marisa says, “Tall, dark and handsome is my type and if I could f**k tall, dark and handsome right now I would.”

Confusing confronting with attacking, Faye steps in to aid Marisa. Truthfully, the woman needed some help having dug herself so far in a hole. Brandi informs Faye that the conversation doesn’t concern her ( it didn’t), and she could excuse herself. Faye refuses to leave and tells Yolanda that she is being misled by Brandi. Yolanda politely tells Faye she can take care of herself. Faye then proceeds to blame Brandi for Adrienne and Paul’s separation. Even Marisa recognizes how ridiculous Faye is being. Brandi and Yolanda choose to walk off in disgust.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs at 8pm Mondays on Bravo. Next week is the season finale. Don’t miss it!

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