After last week’s double whammy of an elimination, tonight’s episode of Project Runway: Teams is sure to keep the shock value at an all-time high.

Most, if not all, of these designers have never worked with menswear before. They will have to learn the trade very quickly for this challenge. There’s a beefed up group of performers looking for new costumes. If the contestants can stock giggling long enough, they just might be able to throw something decent together.

“It’s time to switch up the team selection process,” says Tim who is accompanied by Heidi on the runway. The judges will now be making the decisions. Here are the two teams of four:

Patricia, Daniel, Michelle and Stanley

Richard, Layana, Samantha and Amanda

And now to an undisclosed location an introduction to the next challenge. Both teams sit before a stage, as a group of Village People look-a-likes on steroids come parading down stairs. Yes, ladies. These Magic Mikes strut their overly tanned muscles to the beat before ripping their clothes from their toned bodies, revealing boxers depicting the Australian flag.

Alex of Thunder from Down Under asks the designers to create new costumes for their upcoming show. Michelle is desperately worried, having not ever designed for a man let alone such a bulky one.

Thunder from Down Under Challenge: Each team will design three full looks. One must be a suit and all must be tear-away. Oh yeah, and they only have ONE DAY!

So the teams have to come up with their own unique names. We have…

Team Shades of Grey (because that’s relevant)





Team Slick and Hip





From the jump, Team Slick and Hip seems to be having some issues with one its members being a little more slick than hip. Richard’s aesthetic isn’t gelling well with anyone else’s. No one wants a silk collar. Honestly.

As the day rolls along, it’s obvious that the group fails to work together. One might think that by this point in the competition, they would learn their lessons and make sure to keep an eye on one another. Nope, Richard is crying and more worried about himself instead of giving Layana constructive criticism. Plus, individual responsiblities don’t look to be appropriately divided up.

Team Shades of Grey really does look grey. Tim finds all of their designs to look old and I have to agree. One thing is that they are working better together than the competition. Funny that Layana runs to them for advice on her jacket construction.

Could it be that Patricia will finish early and have time to help her teammates? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She MIGHT be able to snap a button for someone at the last minute. “I’m completely humiliated at my use of time,” says Patricia who finishes one garment. 

Stanley might be in for trouble, too, thanks to Michelle. He’s whipped up a pretty awesome looking shirt in a matter of minutes only to have it screwed with by Michelle. She attempts to save time by applying the Velcro with hot glue. Even an amateur entertainment writer can tell that that was probably not the best idea. He might have a shot, though, seeing as how nothing on Team Slick and Hip fits the clients correctly.

The Runway

Actress/singer Emmy Rossum from Shameless joins Zac, Nina and Heidi as guest judge tonight.

“This is like a weird dream,” Zac says as the models of Team Slick and Hip break into their strip routine. The clothes look ridiculous, but at least they rip away nicely.

Team Shades of Grey looked better, yet the models’ performance suffered before of the failed tear-aways. The poor guy wearing Stanley’s shirt had no chance of showing off those glistening pecks. 

“I think we should just wrap the show early and you’re all out,” says Heidi. Ouch! 

Best Looks

Team Shades of Grey (by default)

Emmy raises a very fitting question, “Are you guys playing with the Fifty Shades of Grey thing?” Daniel gives the worst response, admitting that they NEVER once put two and two together. Michelle has the best look of the worst with her zipped vest look, but regrets not speaking up about their boring ideas. Plus, no one was impressed by Patricia’s basket weaving shirt.

Worst Looks

Team Slick and Hip

The designs look a disheveled, wrong lengths and plain wrong. Samantha stands apart for making the most decent pieces, a vest and pants. Even though she and Amanda shared the same pattern, Amanda’s pants begin bursting at the Velcro in front of a hysterical Nina. In the end, Amanda, Layana and Richard start a three-person tennis match, placing blame on one another. 

Winner: Nobody! 

Eliminated: Amanda

“I wasn’t thinking big enough,” Amanda says. I beg to differ. She wan’t thinking good enough. What do you think? Did the judges make the right decision?

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the scraps hit the fan! Attitudes flair up in the workroom. Who will be cut next? Tune in Thursday to find out!

Compete in Fantasy TV: Make your picks on who you think will be going home. Hurry, you have until Thursday, March 21 at 12pm PST to decide.

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