On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick managed to send yet another dinner party straight to hell. Here are the cast members’ reactions to her pot-stirring and her vicious attack on co-star Brandi Glanville, according to their Bravo blogs.

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Brandi, who was the victim of Faye’s verbal assault, was obviously none to pleased at how the entire situation went down.

“Kyle brought her pit bull-slash-puppet Faye ‘Rancid’ in to attack me about events and things she had nothing to do with and wasn’t even present for. It was very obvious she was fighting someone else’s fight for the simple need for attention, which has been very clear since 1994,” Brandi wrote, referring to Faye’s infamous involvement in the O.J. Simpson media circus nearly 20 years ago.

Brandi’s new friend Lisa Vanderpump also admitted that if she had known that Faye was going to be there “all clued in,” she might have declined the invitation and advised Brandi to do the same.

“I have memories of another dinner party where Faye was back up, mouthpiece, or whatever one would like to call her,” Lisa wrote, hinting at the original Dinner Party From Hell that took place in season 1. “It was an impossible situation. I knew Brandi had shown her regret but still felt indignant, and I agree with the fact that her feelings were valid too.”

Kyle Richards, however, resents the fact that both Lisa and Brandi think that she invited Faye to the party with the intention of having her act as a “mouthpiece.”

“I have never needed a mouthpiece. I have always been one to be honest. I have NEVER needed anyone to speak on my behalf,” Kyle defended herself on her blog. “Plus, Faye certainly has a mind of her own and would never be anyone’s mouthpiece. Both Faye and Brandi have strong personalities and that can create problems. I think that if they had met under different circumstances, they would probably be good friends.”

Newcomers Yolanda Foster and Marisa Zanuck may not know all of the girls very well just yet, but they seemed to come to a similar conclusion.

“Who is this Faye, and more importantly, why is she not minding her own business?” Yolanda wrote. “This is an issue between Adrienne and Brandi and should remain between them,” Marisa added.

As for the villain, Faye herself, she doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

“It’s very difficult for me to sit back and watch anyone be mean to people that I love,” Faye wrote, because apparently they’ll give anyone a Bravo blog these days. “The damage Brandi caused Kim and her family last season was reprehensible. The attacks on Adrienne and Paul were beyond belief. These statements are made with no purpose other than to be hurtful and cruel. And while afterwards she claims to be ‘sorry’ for what she said, the harm has already been done, so saying, ‘things just come out of my mouth’ or ‘I’m sorry’ time and time again this behavior becomes disingenuous.”

Although the topic of the bomb that Brandi dropped on Adrienne Maloof still remains a mystery (that has warranted several rumors from her use of a surrogate to her troubles in her marriage) it seems that we’ll continue to experience the fallout for the rest of the season.

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(Image and video courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

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