Tonight’s episode begins right where we left off last week. In the middle of an angry, emotional crap-storm between Brandi, and Paul and Adrienne. Paul and Adrienne storm out of the party talking about potential lawsuits. Brandi is left to deal with Mauricio’s clients who are clearly staring and uncomfortable with the whole spectacle. 

Taylor Takes Over

Out of nowhere, this dramatic exchange becomes about Taylor. Huh?! She begins by taking deep breaths and making it obvious that Paul’s aggressive tone really upset her. Then she sides with Brandi by bringing up her old issues with Camille and the private things that Camille had shared about her abusive marriage to Russell. Taylor, we know you have BEEN THROUGH IT this past year, but this is not about you. 

Kyle is pissed at Kim for choosing this setting to share what Brandi had said about Paul and Adrienne. Kim feels like they deserved to know what was said about them, as it was such a private thing to reveal. AND WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS.

A Call for Crumpets

Over at the Vanderpump Residence, Lisa is overseeing some repairs on their main gate and Ken is calling her phone every five minutes with tea and biscuit requests. Oh, Ken. He sure knows how to push her buttons! He’s still recovering from his hip replacement surgery and is having fun messing with Lisa in his physically delicate state. 

Clarity, Courtesy of Kim

Kim and her daughters head to a pilates class. Kim shares that in her opinion, Kyle is the one that started the drama between Brandi and Adrienne when she asked Brandi at the SUR dinner what was going on between them. Knowing that Brandi tends to overshare, why even ask the question unless you were looking to stir the pot? Touche, Kim. Kim is also mentally preparing for her son’s 21st birthday party, which is taking place in Las Vegas. EEK. Vegas must be a scary place for someone fresh out of rehab. Kim’s nervous about the trip, but her daughters assure her that she’ll be able to handle it with her newfound strength and clarity. 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Drama

Mauricio is extremely annoyed that Kyle is having Brandi and the other girls over for dinner. He has no use for Brandi. He sees her a gossip girl with no class. Kyle had already planned the dinner before the drama at Mauricio’s event, so she’s stuck with her unwanted guest. Oh well. I’m sure it’ll make for some entertaining TV. Kyle then meets her friend Faye for lunch to discuss the upcoming dinner. Faye has loyalty to Adrienne and to Kyle, so she has already decided that Brandi is trouble.

Youthful Yolanda

Over to Yolanda’s (Hey girl! Where’ve you been?) for a workout session with her trainer. Yolanda is just a goddess, let’s be real. She looks amazing, overall health is her top priority and she wants to live a long life with her husband. They got married pretty late in life and she is determined to be married to him the longest of all of his wives. Pass 20 years and you win, Yolanda!

Turning Tables

Brandi goes over to Lisa’s to fill her in on the Paul/Adrienne drama. She’s emotional and a ball of anxiety. Apparently, the day after the event, Radar Online published a story about Brandi’s “mean girl” tendencies and her “hard partying ways”. Brandi is terrified of the money and the power that Paul and Adrienne have and how they’ll use that to go after her. Lisa tries to calm her down but is very concerned about Brandi. 

Dine and Diss

Kyle does some last minute primping and “blinging” (is that a thing?) before her dinner guests arrive. The last to arrive is Brandi (insert dramatic entrance here) and the ladies all sit down in Kyle’s new dining room. Adrienne chose not to come to dinner because she didn’t want to face Brandi. Faye jumps in and starts telling Brandi that she needs to call Adrienne and apologize. Kyle and Faye start ganging up on Brandi and the girls start talking over each other. Ugh, here we go. Lisa interjects and tries to even the playing field a bit. Kyle then shifts her bratty, mean-girl focus to Lisa and tries to discredit her by saying, “well you don’t like Adrienne so that’s why you’re defending Brandi.” Sorry Kyle, Mrs. Vanderpump is off limits. LEAVE.HER.ALONE. 

Eff You, Faye

And clearly somebody stood behind Faye before the dinner began and wound her up like a wretched bully doll because she will not stop attacking Brandi. Who is Faye, again? Right. Not a housewife, not involved, none of her business. Lisa can’t get a word in, so she alternates between sipping her drinks and rolling her eyes. Brandi ends up leaving the dinner because even though she has proven her point (to which a random dinner guest actually verbally defends her) it doesn’t matter because Faye has been charging her bitch batteries all day long, so there’s no end in sight. Kyle looks completely flustered and anxious that this has gotten so out of hand. You’re not fooling anyone, Kyle. This is exactly what you wanted. Bully by proxy. Ugh.

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Chrissa Hardy

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