It’s been a long road on The Voice season 3, from the Blind Auditions to tonight’s finale. The very first singer we met was Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and he’s made it all the way to the end. We’ve seen a pink cockatoo replace a cat, steals, implosions, stellar performances, Christina Aguilera performing half her new album, a shirtless Adam Levine in a wig and one contestant daring to sing the theme song from Titanic.

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This was a fun ride, but The Voice season 3 is over after a two-hour results show where (most likely) Cassadee Pope will be crowned the winner. Come on, we ALL know that’s what’s gonna happen. So I’m treating this finale like a Harlem Globetrotters game. Sure, we know the outcome, but let’s still enjoy ourselves.

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The Voice season 3 finale will include performances by Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson and The Killers, plus special all-star duets for the final 3. Terry McDermott will team up with Peter Frampton, Nicholas David will go soul-to-soul with the legendary Smokey Robinson and Cassadee Pope will duet with one of her favorites, Avril Lavigne. Cassadee has already performed two Avril songs this season, and my fingers are crossed that they’ll duet on “Sk8er Boi,” though I acknowledge that is highly unlikely. “Complicated” is a close second.

One last time, sing it with me: This is The Voice!

Wardrobe Watch: Cee Lo Green is wearing giant white football shoulder pads with spikes and chains on them. Is he a member of the Legion of Doom? It makes Adam Levine’s ridiculous white bow tie seem reasonable. Also, it’s Christina Aguilera’s birthday. Will Adam Levine jump out of a cake?

“Diamonds” by Rihanna

Rihanna‘s awesomeness just reminds me of Amanda Brown. This is the kind of artist she would/will be. I promise I’ll try to limit my number of bitter “Amanda Brown should’ve been in the finale” comments to under a dozen tonight. Back to the song, I think Glee should do a mash-up of it with The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” It makes as much sense as Nicholas David’s “Great Balls of Fire” and “Fire” medley.

Coach Chat: Adam liked that Nicholas David didn’t really care about the competition last night and instead just let loose and had fun. Blake had a hangover this morning. Good to know.

Terry McDermott and Friends: “Rock and Roll All Nite” by Kiss

He’s bringing back an all-star group of rocker contestants with Rudy Parris, Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Michaela Paige. If you don’t remember Rudy, he’s the Fat Criss Angel who Terry beat in the Knockout Rounds. This is just plain awesome. Rudy gives it his all and Michaela’s mohawk is always welcome. As expected, Amanda positively steals the spotlight when it’s her chance to sing. She really SHOULD be in the finale. That’s #2.

“Cruisin'” by Smokey Robinson with Nicholas David

It’s great to see Nicholas with this Motown legend, especially because it makes complete snse given Nicholas’ voice. All-too-often reality singing competitions bring in legends for the finale to do duets with contestants, but they’re just absurd pairings. Nicholas feels like he time traveled here from the heyday of Motown.

Adam Levine: Not Just Another Pretty Face

There’s a filler segment as all the coaches talk about how Adam Levine can play every single instrument ever invented. And he can whistle. Carson Daly reminds us that last night he played without wearing a shirt. Don’t worry, Carson, we haven’t forgotten about that either.

“Here With Me” by The Killers with Cassadee Pope

This is way too mellow for my taste. It’s hard enough to stay awake for two straight hours recapping this show without this type of song. Luckily Cassadee shows up to make it a little interesting.

Heartbreakers: “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne

For some reason Mackenzie Bourg, Diego Val, Julio Cesar Castillo, Cody Belew and Dez Duron are teamed up to make the ladies swoon. Um, is Julio really a heartbreaker? Same question for Diego “Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element” Val and Mackenzie. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Bourg, but he’s a total nerd. The song is a bit of a mess, but Dez and Cody kick butt. Oh Dez Duron, how I love you. And oh Cody Belew, how I wish I could hang out with you and Amanda Brown at a party.

Blake Shelton: The Flirt

The next coach filler segment is all about how Blake Shelton is attracted to everyone, man, woman or Cee Lo. Cassadee Pope thinks there might be a mutual attraction between Blake Shelton and Michael Buble.

The Voice Season 4 Preview

We get a special commercial for the next season. Blake and Adam pick up new coaches Shakira and Usher in Blake’s truck to drive to the auditions and they bicker over the radio before all singing along to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I’m definitely excited to see what Usher has in store. After all, he did discover Justin Bieber. Monday, March 25 can’t come soon enough.

Christina Milian and the Final 3

Cassadee says she loves how weird the two guys are. Terry wins the award for best quote by responding, “I’m not weird, I’m foreign.” Then Nicholas gives us one last ‘”Holy Buckets!” and Cassadee says happy birthday to her boyfriend Ryan.

The Voice Confessional

What will the finalists and coaches do if they win? Terry would signal his homeland that stage 1 of the Scottish Invasion plan of America is complete. Cee Lo Green would do a cartwheel and quit his second career as a male exotic dancer.

“Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson with Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott

Man, Cassadee is showing up EVERYWHERE tonight. First with The Killers, now with Kelly Clarkson. I find it amusing that Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner who started this reality singing show boom, is such a huge superstar. It really gave credibility to this entire genre of reality TV.

Cassadee Pope and Friends: “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons

She’s bringing back Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis and De’borah. De’borah!!! I’m totally down with this performance by an impressive group of ladies. I also appreciate that there are no Mini-Xtinas in the mix like an Adrianna Louise. Later Christina Milian talks to the ladies who are all about the girl power. Carson Daly makes a funny by saying it’s a lot better than The View.

“Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton with Terry McDermott

This is some easy-listening nonsense that isn’t what I want from Terry at all. I want him to go full-on ’80s rocker, fronting a classic band.

Christina Aguilera: The Birthday Girl

Her filler segment is all about how everyone loves her and how she loves to sing. It also humanizes her when she talks about her favorite cartoon character being “Scoobs,” followed by a dead-on Scooby-Doo impression.

The Mini-Xtinas: “Best of My Love” by The Emotions

Joselyn Rivera, Loren Allred, Sylvia Yacoub, Devyn DeLoera and Adrianna Louise team up for this disco song. I call them the Mini-Xtinas because they all do the growls and the runs that Xtina does so well. Loren is the only one who doesn’t quite fit, but the rest of them are completely and totally indistinguishable from one another. I’m not sure I could differentiate Adrianna from Devyn if my life depended on it.

Everybody Gets a Car!

St. Cee Lo Green shows up on a sleigh and then he sends it to Christina Milian dressed in a sexy Christmas outfit to announce that Nicholas, Terry and Cassadee all get free cars! Oprah kind of ruined giving cars to people. Nothing will ever match that moment.

“When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars

So are we all agreed that Bruno Mars is the new Lenny Kravitz? He’s just 12 kinds of awesome. Also, I like to imagine that he’s Veronica’s cousin. The song is beautiful, obviously.

Christina Milian and Kelly Clarkson

Christina calls Kelly “the biggest artist on the planet.” Even Kelly Clarkson is like, “Bitch, are you trippin’?” It’s awesome. They also talk about American Idol without actually mentioning it.

Nicholas David and Friends: “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men

He brings back Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron and Amanda Brown. Wow, this is the best group of super friends yet. It’s pretty awesome, though I’d like to point out Terry and Cassadee both got to sing three times already tonight (with one more yet to come for Cassadee), but this is only the second time for Nicholas, meaning he sang as many times in the finale as Amanda Brown and Dez Duron.

“I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne with Cassadee Pope

Seriously, how can you not love that Cassadee gets to sing with her hero, even if you find it kind of odd that her musical idol is a 28-year-old Canadian. As I previously stated, I wish they were singing “Sk8er Boi” or “Complicated.” Oh well, I guess I’ll go listen to them on my own after the finale.

Cee Lo Green: The Weirdo

Adam Levine describes Cee Lo as “Buddha meets Isaac Hayes” and “an alien preacher.” Cee Lo claims he’s a genie in a bottle…a 3-liter bottle. This filler segment gives us one last chance to see Lady the Pink Cockatoo.

The Coaches: “Good Riddance (Tim of Your Life)” by Green Day

Like a high school graduation, the best way to say goodbye to the season (and Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera for season 4) is with this incredibly overused song. Seriously, we need to permanently retire this song’s use in farewell montages, etc.


Finally, after two hours, 13 musical performances, four filler segments about the coaches and more, it’s time for the results.

Before the results are read, Carson talks to the finalists and coaches. Nicholas uses the word “dream” about 30 times. Adam Levine speaks for the coaches by saying they’re all winners and this result is just a technicality. Dude, I know you’re trying to be nice, but don’t negate the entire competition.

The singer in third place is…Nicholas David!

So Team Blake claims the top two spots. Congrats to Blake Shelton on being a repeat winning coach.


Hooray! Sure, we all knew it would happen, but it’s nice that it actually did.

That does it for The Voice season 3. Blake Shelton wins again, a female singer finally shatters the glass ceiling and Cee Lo and Xtina are out to make room for Usher and Shakira. I kinda wish season 4 was starting next week and not in three months.

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