In the season 6 finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya holds a memorial for Velvet. Porsha’s divorce from Kordell is finalized. NeNe experiences health problems. And Kandi’s musical premieres.

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What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine

Two nights before the opening night of Kandi’s musical, A Mother’s Love, ticket sales are lagging. Kandi is anxious to prove to Momma Joyce that she and Todd, working together, can deliver something that is on point. She doesn’t want their collaboration to be a bust. Momma Joyce doesn’t need any more reasons to want to put the kibosh on her daughter’s relationship. 

Todd tells Kandi that despite his best efforts trying to communicate with Momma Joyce, she’s still keeping him at arm’s length. She is one stubborn old broad.

Kandi says after the musical, their next production will be their wedding. She brings up the subject of a pre-nup. She tells Todd that, as far as she knows, her lawyer draws up a document and he signs it — no fuss, no muss. She cites the fact that Phaedra and Apollo as well as Cynthia and Peter have this type of agreement between them. Kandi may be in love, but her mother did not raise a fool. She’s down with splitting the proceeds of any shared projects together, but Todd best keep his hands off the profits from Bedroom Kandi.

Ashes to Ashes, Ruff to Ruff

The turnout for Velvet’s memorial is sparse — four people and one canine — which is sad but not unexpected. You’ve got to give it up for Cynthia, who drags her behind to any and every event she can to support her castmates.

There’s a sweet montage of Kenya and Velvet, and Kenya just loses it during the eulogy — yes, eulogy. Some haters might think she’s being overly dramatic, but I guarantee, standing by helpless as your little dog is killed is a legit reason to be upset. Plus, Kenya’s just an over-the-top kind of girl, so of course she’s going to do everything short of throwing herself on top of Velvet’s itty-bitty urn.

Fabulous Funerals by Phaedra

In a less morose household, Phaedra and family are celebrating her officially becoming a licensed funeral director. Apollo thinks this means that she’ll have more time and attention to lavish on him. She needs to. Look at what kind of trouble her man gets into when she’s distracted. Phaedra wants to strike out on her own and make a name for herself in the funeral business.

Shut the Door

In a fitting conclusion to Porsha’s story arc this season, her divorce from Kordell is finalized. Her mother and sister come over to celebrate what is about to be a new chapter in this sweet, albeit flighty, woman’s life. Porsha claims that as the time to go to court grew closer, she decided she didn’t want any of Kordell’s money. She does star on a hit reality show which just got renewed, so if she pinches her pennies, she should be alright for a while. She does need to move out of that ridiculously large house and find a nice one-bedroom bachelorette pad.

So, after eight months, the act of finalizing the end of her marriage is a lackluster affair with only Porsha and her attorney present.

It’s Not Gas

NeNe’s not lookin’ or feelin’ so hot. She’s been doing a lot of traveling, and it seems to be taking a toll on her health. At the time, nobody knew that she had a life-threatening health issue (blood clots in her lungs).

Opening Night

After three months, Kandi’s latest labor of love is about to be born, metaphorically. Porsha makes it to the theater, which is a good sign. Word of NeNe’s health issues have begun to spread, although nobody knows the details.

While ticket sales may have gotten off to a sluggish start, the production eventually sells out. Talk about a VIP: Tyler Perry is in the audience.

Momma Joyce shows up, which sends Kandi’s assistant, Carmon, heading for the hills. Momma Joyce may not suspect that this is a big night for her as well since she was Kandi’s muse.

The musical gets underway, and even though Porsha was a pain in the ass in the beginning, Kandi admits that she’s playing the hell out of the part. Looks like she won’t be missing that Kordell cash after all.

Because this opus is based on Momma Joyce and Kandi’s relationship, Kandi wonders throughout the performance what her mother is thinking. It’s hard to tell because Momma looks pretty stoic.

As the show ends, the crowd goes wild, with one notable exception: Momma Joyce. Kandi has a lot riding on this since she hopes it shows her mother what Todd brings to the table and reveals some otherwise unexpressed emotions on her part. Kandi would like for life to imitate art in that the musical’s happy ending becomes a reality.

The moment of truth finally arrives, and it turns out that Momma Joyce loves the show. She could be fibbing, but since this old lady is not one for lying to spare anyone’s feelings, she’s probably telling the truth. Momma Joyce, steadfast to the end, says that she and her daughter are just going to have to agree to disagree.

All’s Well That Ends

As with every finale, we get updates on what’s been going on with the wives since filming wrapped:

Phaedra wants to open a crematorium in Athens, GA. Does this mean a possible relocation? The attorney will also not be representing her husband in his fraud case.

Porsha is “rumored” to be dating a wealthy African man not unlike castmate Kenya. I wonder if he’s as elusive as Kenya’s man?

The future of Cynthia and Peter’s businesses appear to still be in limbo. Peter is looking for investors to buy Bar One.

It looks like Kenya’s about to take the next step with her boyfriend. The couple plan to undergo in vitro fertilization this summer.

NeNe is recovered and appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

Kandi and Todd’s first project together was a success. The show sold out five Atlanta performances. And as we all know, the two recently tied the knot. Could a baby be in the works next season?

Next week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, airing at 8pm on Bravo, is what could be one of the most explosive reunions in Housewives history. Be there, or read about it here.

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