We’ve been promised a wedding on Hell’s Kitchen tonight. That means the stakes are high, and these chefs still appear clueless. Can they pull it together long enough to have two teams that actually work together? Will they go down in smoke? Will Ramsay be embarrassed at the wedding feast? Hold onto your hats, it’s probably going to be a rough night.

Closing Time

Since the kitchen is closed, all return to the dorm. The men feel that Ramsay made the right decision and that they will start winning. The women meanwhile are eating in the kitchen and maybe getting a little overconfident. They feel that they have the men beat.

The Competition Heats Up

The next day, these chefs are faced with a memory game. Each team will divide into teams of two and look for ingredients under silver domes to use with four different proteins. If they pick ingredients that match, they get the ingredient. These people don’t have memories, Ramsay. This is proved as both teams get off to a slow start.

They do manage to get enough to supplement their protein and move to the planning stage. They will have 30 minutes to make a stunning dish. While they can cook, can “stunning” equal what these teams can achieve? For example, Chris and Demarco are doing pork chops and we have a fire in the pan. It’s okay, they got things under control, though.

Plates are at the pass and Ramsay will judge on taste, presentation and use of the memory ingredients with the proteins. The first dish has the women winning on presentation while the men win on taste. The second dish has a complex dish from the men while the women’s have perfect meat. The men win round two. The third men’s dish lacks kale so the women win. With the final dish, Scott thinks he has it but uses hollandaise sauce on swordfish which is a no-no. The women win.

The men must prepare 100 pounds of honey taffy and must harvest the honey. How may will get stung? The women, on ┬áthe other hand, get to kayak at Laguna Beach. As the ladies celebrate (or rub it in), the men put on their bee equipment. Demarco needs help getting into his suit. Ah, they don’t have to fight bees. The honey comes in containers already harvested, and the men didn’t suffer bee bites. But taffy has drawbacks and it’s funny to watch them pull it. Meanwhile Kashia can’t swim so she doesn’t stay in her kayak long. I really think she fears the women who she calls “psychos.”

As the women dine on gourmet food, the men have sardines and some vile concoction to drink. The women return celebrating while the men try to find a way to win as they share their tales of woe. The chief tale of woe should be: Why can’t we win?

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The Call to Work

As morning dawns, Ramsay calls all to the kitchens. He tells them to not make a sound as they enter the dining room where a special event is happening. This early in the morning, it’s hard to believe a wedding is occurring. Would you want this bunch at your wedding brunch?

As the ceremony concludes, all clap. Ramsay is proud to be hosting the wedding ceremony but now he has problems. These teams must prepare the wedding brunch. Red will cook for the bride, Blue for the groom. This is the Elimination Challenge and no one looks pleased. They must do a fruit appetizer and follow with a choice of three entrees.

The fruit salad appetizers fly out of the kitchen but now comes the problem as entree production has begun. Already the women are having problems with coordination and communication. The men are having trouble with getting their groom dishes prepared because of grease. And we have our first fight folks – over eggs – on the ladies side. Wow! They’re bleeping them right and left in confessionals. And we have the ladies delivering a raw egg dish to the pass. Ramsay yells, the chefs cry. The men also can’t cook an egg and sends a dish up raw.

As the bride and groom worry, the yelling starts in the Red Kitchen. Finally, the women get their eggs right. Service to the groom happens right behind the bride. Now it’s on for the chefs to get all other food out. It looks like it’s going to be a race to the finish.

The Blue Team is on the last table and it seems simple: scrambled eggs. Wait, it’s the Blue Team? Can they do it? The Red Team is also on their last table which is a fried egg. Already they’re having problems and more tears are coming. Oh great, can’t anyone cook eggs? The teams race to the pass and it’s going to be close. And the winning team is the ladies! As they celebrate, we have to wonder why.

Ramsay wishes the bride and groom an amazing day at the end of brunch. While he congratulates the ladies, he calls the men “disorganized.” As the men discuss what happened, Demarco starts spewing excuses. The egg stations seem to be the problem. The discussion becomes a verbal fight as no one wants to go up.

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The Elimination

The Blue Team comes back with their nominees of Demarco and Gabriel. Ramsay adds Richard. Demarco tells Ramsay he is accountable for his actions when he just watches. Richard admits to mistakes. Gabriel feels like he shouldn’t be up for elimination. Ramsay dismisses Demarco. At last, this one is gone, folks. Yet, Demarco blames his team with him losing his dream. His skills (or lack thereof) did that.

Preview for the Next Episode

The men seem determined to win but are there too many leaders? And it’s the return of the chef tables. Sandra also seems to have problems as fights happen on the women’s side.

Find out on an all new Hell’s Kitchen next Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

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