Here we go, y’all. This is the final part of the reunion special and we know that this will come to a dramatic end, especially since the men are joining in. What will Porsha share about her current situation with Kordell? Will we find out that Walter is gay? Was their relationship fake? What will we learn about the secret texting between Kenya and Apollo? Will Kenya twirl again?

I couldn’t care less about the twirling. I’m just excited to see the boys again. They spent a lot of time on screen this season. They huddled together at parties and took shots, they defended their ladies when needed, and for the most part, treated them like queens. Here are the best man-moments from part three of the RHOA reunion.

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Todd Being Suave

Oh, Todd. Todd is the quietest member of the male crew. He started as a behind-the-scenes guy on the show and made his way into Kandi’s heart and in front of the camera. He’s always supportive, kind and easy going. They are now engaged. When asked about Kandi’s mom moving in with them, he responds by saying that he loves her dearly, but she won’t be moving in at the moment because his relationship with Kandi is still new and growing. 

When asked if Kandi is his “sugar mama,” he talks about how strong and loving Kandi is. He says he’s proud of her and isn’t worried about the thoughts of others. Awww.

Bros Before Kenya

Apparently, Walter is really upset that he wasn’t invited to the reunion. He’s not a current significant other, so it would be odd for him to be there. However, he is a major topic of discussion tonight and he wanted the opportunity to defend himself. Since he cannot, the husbands defend him. Peter in particular is pissed at the way Kenya has treated him. She has questioned his sexuality and called him a groupie and a stalker.

When Andy asks the group if anyone believes that the two of them were ever really together, the stage is silent. When Peter really digs into her with questions about their relationship, she responds the only way she knows how — by twirling, of course. Peter calls her on that as well and refers to her as a “spaz.” 

Shady Texting

Kenya tells Phaedra how upset she was when Phaedra called her a “whore.” That’s when Apollo gets brought into the conversation, and the discussion of their secret texting gets brought to light. Kenya accuses Apollo of sexting her. Apollo throws the same accusation right back. Kenya busts out her phone to show Andy the texts as proof. She’s so confident that she’s right. Andy even says that Apollo’s responses aren’t inappropriate and wouldn’t really be considered sexting. 

Then Apollo talks about the other times Kenya has tried to seduce him. One time, he even had to switch hotels because of the desperate pursuit. Phaedra chimes in with, “And that’s why I called her a whore.” Every jaw on the stage drops. 

Poor Porsha

Porsha’s controlling husband is obviously a big topic of discussion tonight. Especially since Kordell is not in attendance. After they review the footage of Porsha and Kordell’s marital struggles throughout the season, Porsha breaks down. Not in tears. But in a roller coaster of a speech that I wish I could play on repeat. It’s almost amazing that the other ladies remain silent for the entirety of her speech. It feels like it goes on forever. She defends herself, she defends her husband, she defends their love and their growing relationship. She defends her career aspirations and her position as a stoic housewife. It all ends in a weepy declaration of their imperfect marriage and her wish that the ladies had spent more time pulling her up rather than knocking her down.

Peter’s Beef with Kordell

After NeNe explains that Porsha’s feelings are typical for a Real Housewife at the end of her first season, she lays it down that Porsha’s expectations are unrealistic. She has been where Porsha is now, and if she was expecting open arms and unwavering support from her castmates, she came to the wrong place. 

Andy asks Peter how he feels about Porsha and Kordell’s situation, as he could share a unique perspective as a husband that went through newlywed struggles on camera and has been described as controlling in the past. Peter offers only this: “We all had things to do today, but we’re all here supporting our wives. He should be here sitting behind her, having her back today and I’m disappointed that he’s not. But that’s a separate issue that he and I will need to deal with.” Boom.

We know that all of these women will return for season 6, and I already cannot wait for it to begin. Will you miss these women now that the season is over? Will you miss the men? I certainly will. Until next time, twirl on, kiddos!

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Chrissa Hardy

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