The time has come for New York Fashion Week and the final four designers of Project Runway: Teams are finally able to work as individuals, being held accountable for their own work and shortcomings.  Tonight, Michelle, Stanley, Patricia and Daniel will be sent home to create 12 looks for a Fall collection. Three of these final four will be given the opportunity to move into the finale and show their collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

“The four of you will be creating collections,” says Heidi, “and returning to New York.” Each of these designers are strong and solid in their aesthetics. The excitement is at an all time high, but the seriousness of this final challenge shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Fashion Week Challenge: Heidi gives the final four designers $10,000 in order to create a 12-look Fall collection. The contestants will return home and welcome Tim to asses their progress before returning to NYC after three months.

Taos, New Mexico – Patricia

“I’m overwhelmed by my visit today,” says Tim as he marvels at the history and love and support felt by stepping inside Patricia’s home, meeting her parents and witnessing her background influence become wearable art. Not only is she a master at textiles, but Patricia can take these literal ideals, as Tim describes, and mold them into something artistic and abstract. Her Fall collection will undoubtedly make a positive statement as it walks down the runway.

Portland, Oregon – Michelle

“I was in the back with Heidi, saying, ‘She has to stay,'” Tim confesses to Michelle over lunch with her family. Amongst her designs, Tim continues to find reasons to root for Michelle. She has chosen a lone wolf/huntress motif that stands as a strong storyline, gelling her looks together.

Austin, Texas – Daniel

“What is grandma’s robe doing here?” is only one of what looks to be quite a few problems that Daniel may need to reconsider. There’s no sex appeal. There’s no pop. 

Los Angeles, California – Stanley

It’s a high class problem!” says Tim as he looks over Stanley’s unfinished collection. Time is really winding down and there looks to be a lot of work that still needs to be done. 

Back in the Workroom

Tim informs the designers that they will need to choose 3 looks that best represent their collections to send down the runway. Plus, they’ll be receiving helping hands for the final hours of work. 

Stanley and Richard

Michelle and Amanda

Daniel and Samantha

Patricia and a very pregnant Layana

Stanley walks into the workroom with bags of uncut fabric. I’m no fashion designer or anything, but I would like to think that this would be the worst thing you could possibly do in a timed contest. 

The Runway

Judges: Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Heidi

Michelle’s lone wolf influence is portrayed beautifully as a modern huntress, walking down the runway. I would like to think that Katniss might sport one of these pieces while running through the hunger games. Zac points out the wolf pattern on the sweater which Michelle explains was a collaboration between her and former contestant Joe. “Great way to use your resources,” Nina says.

Daniel’s all black collection lacks originality as the judges remind everyone that certain shapes seen here have infact been seen before. “I’m underwhelmed,” Heidi says reluctantly. “They’re too tamed.” Agreed. Daniel’s hair is more interesting than these looks are.

Zac asks Patricia, “What brings the pieces together?” There are some very special details in these creations that display Patricia’s heritage and celebrate a lifestyle. While Zac points out the silver linings of her collection, Nina rips it apart limb by limb. 

“Stanley,” Heidi begins, “I think you had the same problems as Daniel.” Ouch! He’s had a difficult time pulling out the young and hip aspects of his work. All three models are in drab colors that make them look matronly and dowdy. Zac wonders why, after all the time the designers had, did Stanley not pull out all the stops.

Showing full collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:




Eliminated: Daniel

“Knowing that I’m not the same person I was when I started this journey,” says Daniel, “I’m still the same person, but I’m a BETTER person.” So glad he cleared this up for us.

Tune in next week for the finale of Project Runway season 13!

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