Part two of this three-part reunion looks to bring out NeNe’s defensive side. Part three will be the best part, with the drama and tension at its highest, but still offering a conclusion that should leave you comfortable with the end of the season. Part two, though, just leaves you hanging in the shade-throwing balance. 

NeNe has spent the entire season keeping the peace and playing it cool. But now we get to see the claws come out. It begins with discussing the evolution of her relationship with Gregg. Last season, they went through a divorce and this season they fell back in love. She talked about the trouble they had in previous years stemming from some things that the ladies had said about her. The confrontations don’t stop there. Here are the top five NeNe moments from part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

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NeNe and Peter?

One of the things that Phaedra and the other ladies used to say about NeNe was how she flirts with Peter. This is all in the past, but it bothered NeNe, it bothered Gregg and it bothered Cynthia. She still hasn’t moved past it, but can you blame her? Her relationship with Peter was and will always be a friendship and nothing more.

NeNe and Phaedra

The thing about Peter is where it starts with NeNe and Phaedra. The fight continues when they dig a little deeper into Phaedra’s “down and dirty” tendencies. Little miss “Southern Belle” is not as innocent as she’d like the cameras to believe. The real issue between them happened during season 1 when Phaedra approached NeNe’s half sisters outside of the show to try and get some dirt on her. Apparently, all of that was reported back to NeNe and she has not gotten over it.

NeNe and Family

NeNe will rip your face off if you mess with her family. This is the message that she sends to Phaedra and to everyone else when she refuses to let Phaedra get a word in edgewise. She barely even lets her apologize. When she does apologize, NeNe accepts, begrudgingly.

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NeNe and Kim

The wig is in the building! Thanks for that brilliant line, Andy Cohen. Kim Zolciak stops by the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, even though her days of being a Real Housewife are behind her. She walked off the show and has returned to clear the air. After some tense mini-battles with Kandi over the name “Cash,” her frequent excuses and her questionable living situation, the focus turns to their longstanding feud. 

NeNe and Forgiveness

Andy asks them if they would ever be able to be friends again. They both agree that despite the fact that they knew each other before the show, their lives have taken them down very different paths. They wish each other the best and actually give each other a hug goodbye. Awww.

What’s up for part three of the reunion? The men. The husbands (minus Kordell) take to the stage to clarify, to support and to further the drama between the ladies in the final hour of this six-way showdown.

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