Twirl on, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans! RadarOnline has just announced that all six ladies have signed on for next season, NeNe included. 

We’re only through part one of the three-part reunion special and it’s clear that the longstanding beef between some of these ladies is not going anywhere. In fact, with the big life changes that all of them have faced this year, the beef has probably only just begun. 

For those of you that haven’t been keeping score, here’s where we are in the RHOA drama:

Kenya and Porsha didn’t like each other when they met and it’s only gone downhill from there. They fight, they apologize, they say they need to “sit down and talk it all out” and when that happens, they start fighting again. This vicious cycle is here to stay and with the recent announcement that Kordell is divorcing Porsha, I doubt the tension there will strengthen their bond.

NeNe and Kandi get along for the most part, but Kandi can sometimes spin NeNe’s sass into hypocrisy and as you can imagine, NeNe doesn’t take too kindly to that. Plus, NeNe isn’t the only one with new fame on the side. Kandi has a new singing competition show and a new erotic toy line. Will they need to share the spotlight?

Kenya and Phaedra gravitated toward each other’s freak flags in the beginning, but the battling booty videos have since torn them apart. Phaedra still thinks Kenya is mentally and emotionally unstable and unworthy of anything on the back end. Kenya is still determined to prove her stability by showing off her back end, as well as embracing her twirling, fan-flicking mood swings. Good luck, you two.

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The rest of the ladies spent this season picking sides, encouraging peace and building their empires. Where will season 6 take them? Who knows? Who cares?! I’m just glad they’ll all be coming back for more.

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Chrissa Hardy

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