Michelle’s fate continues to linger in Project Runway limbo. At the end of last week’s episode, Heidi informed designer that she had a “second chance” at staying in the competition. What on earth could that mean?! Tonight, the competition spreads out as the final five are sent on a challenge unlike any other, gathering inspiration from international fashion capitals. Fashion Week is right around the corner. Who do you think will make the cut?

Stanley, Patricia, Layana, Daniel and Michelle remain in the blue waiting room, anxiously waiting for what will happen next. Tim finally comes in to make things clear, “No one is going home!” Layana brings up a good point, though. The final five has worked so hard on this last challenge and no one goes home? What’s the catch?

Heidi and Tim meet the final five out on the runway to explain the final challenge before the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show. “We’re sending each of you to a different European country for your inspiration,” says Heidi. Daniel cannot contain his excitement, crying like a baby.

Final Challenge: Creative high-end runway look inspired by European cities. Each finalist will be assisted by a former contestant. Michelle will stay in New York since the judges initially prepared to send her home.

Layana and Samantha – Barcelona 

Patricia and Kate – Paris

Daniel and Amanda – Berlin 

Stanley and Richard – London 

Michelle and Tu – New York City 

While Layana, Patricia, Daniel, Stanley and their assistants fly off to their foreign fashion meccas and snap photos of historic places such as the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall, Michelle sits alone in her NYC room, homesick and crying. True, it has to be hard to be left behind, but this is still a competition and Michelle needs to get out there, find her inspiration and focus or she actually could be sent home this time.

On a rainy, dreary day in NYC, Michelle uses the opportunity as a one of cleansing, riding atop a double decker bus with Tu to take photos and find inspiration. She takes from the modern architecture, old marks left behind and the Statue of Liberty. Looks as if she’s having a better experience than some overseas, such as Patricia and Kate who hit a language barrier in Paris.

In the Workroom, Michelle and Tu arrive first, preparing their fabrics for a long day of execution. One by one, the other traveling designers enter the room with giggles and hugs and tales of their adventures abroad. Michelle is obviously annoyed and feeling left out as her competition rubs their experiences in her face, it seems. 

Time flies, though, as Michelle broods, Stanley criticizes, Patricia thinks too far outside the box, Daniel gets overly excited about his garment and Layana struggles with her execution. You know, basically the same thing that happens every week.

The Runway

Judges: Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Heidi

Guest Judge: John Legend (a very random choice.)

Daniel’s modern and edgy white jacket nicely compliments the floor-length black dress. Nina comments that she believes he did, indeed, capture the beat of Berlin. And those thigh-high wedge leather boots are killer!

Stanley’s creation looks like a mysterious “Sherlock Holmes” woman (as Zac mentions). It’s the strong, underground of London and the judges love it. It’s definitely dramatic and show-stopping.

Layana misses the mark. Her coat is nicely made, but it does not totally capture Barcelona. There are just elements that have promise. “I just don’t feel like most women would feel hot wearing this,” says John. Unfortunately, the blouse underneath the coat was more exciting than anything.

Patricia’s puff jacket looks like a balled up piece of paper. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t think garbage when I think about Paris, France. “It feels a little like cotton candy gone wrong,” says Nina. Heidi likes it, but she’s the only one who likes it. 

Michelle has created a comeback piece. The patent leather sits atop a gorgeous gray cashmere dress and she brings NYC to the runway in a great and edgy but sophisticated way.

While discussing which designers will move on to Fashion Week, Patricia and her crafty aesthetic pops up. “Fashion is not art,” says Nina. What? Even Heidi has to question this statement. Yes, Patricia has a unique way of creating her garments, but to not see the art in fashion is blasphemous. And this is someone who runs a major fashion magazine. 

Final Four going to Fashion Week and coming back to New York:





Apparently, someone put Nina in her place and found the art in Patricia’s fashion sense.

Eliminated: Layana

“At least I get sent home for something that I’m not ashamed of,” Layana says as she says goodbye. 

Well there you have it! The final four. Did your season favorite make the cut? Or would you have a different lineup? 

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the competition prepares for Fashion Week. Patricia, Michelle, Stanley and Daniel return home to create 12 looks to showcase in New York.

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