On part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion, the ladies and host Andy Cohen rehash the events leading up to Porsha’s attack on Kenya. Momma Joyce shares her thoughts on the season and Kandi’s upcoming wedding to Todd. And Cynthia reveals a rift between herself and NeNe.

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Brawl to the Wall

First things first: damage control. Andy tows the company line and makes it known that Bravo doesn’t “condone or excuse physical violence in any circumstance.” As if he didn’t witness the brawl for himself, he asks Kenya what happened. She downplays her own antagonistic behavior, but NeNe is the first to call her out. NeNe reminds Kenya that she was pointing that ridiculous scepter in Porsha’s face and yelling through a bullhorn at her as well.

Kenya doesn’t take any responsibility for her behavior. She says that as adult women, they should be able to sit together and control themselves, saying, “We fight with out words, I am one of the best at it.” That’s debatable. True, Kenya is a major league loudmouth, but that doesn’t automatically validate her side of any argument.

If anyone can relate to being agitated by the invasion of their personal space, it’s Kandi. She feels that when someone gets too close, it becomes a threatening situation. She says it makes a person’s reaction unpredictable. Andy just wants to make it clear that physical contact is not the correct response when someone invades your personal space. What would have been a good idea was if he had nixed Kenya’s stupid props to begin with.

It’s fairly obvious that NeNe, Kandi and Phaedra feel like Kenya had it coming. This incident is actually an unexpected gift for Kenya since it gives her even more time in the spotlight. She goes on about her tough upbringing in Detroit and how she had to fight for everything. Lots of giggles and eye rolling from the other couch. I don’t think anybody believes Kenya’s upbringing was on par with the title character in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

As much as I don’t like Kenya personally, she does bring up a valid point. She states that they are on television representing a certain race and gender, and they should stick together when it comes to violence against women.

A Head Scratcher

NeNe’s off-handed remarks about Phaedra having a reputation in high school for being promiscuous — more specifically, known as “the head doctor” — come back to haunt her. Far too much time is spent on this topic. Of course, Phaedra denies it, and of course, Kenya throws it in her face. NeNe makes it clear that she called Phaedra and apologized for spreading malicious gossip and that squashed it. 

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A Mother and Child Reunion

Things get really real when Momma Joyce plops her behind on the couch. She has a lot to answer for. Andy takes it easy on the old gal, showering her with flattery and then asking if she has any remorse about anything she did. Her only regret is that everyone said she was trying to set Todd up, so in other words, no.

One thing is clear: just a week before her daughter’s wedding, Momma Joyce still doesn’t approve of the match. She claims to have wanted to purchase a black dress to wear to the event.

Everyone seems amused by Momma Joyce’s antics as she works the room, with the exception of Kandi. When Andy asks Joyce to pinpoint what it is she doesn’t like about Todd, she dismisses the question and says he’s perfect and everything’s fine. I think we all know her concerns, so I was thankful not to have to listen to them again.

Momma pretty much comes unglued and even begins referring to herself in the third person. She goes after Cynthia, who made the claim that Kandi’s mother’s only source of wealth or revenue comes from her daughter. Joyce denies this and takes Cynthia to task even after she humbly apologizes.

But Joyce’s finances are a bit more of a mess than she initially lets on. Kandi points out that a few years ago, her mother took out credit cards in her daughter’s name without her knowing. Joyce says Kandi, at one time, gave her a meager $700 per month. Kandi responds that her mother squandered money on gambling and shopping. Joyce says she was spending her money. Andy questions if this is the truth.

Kandi steps in and says her mother doesn’t have to explain anything regarding what she gets from her. As her daughter, she feels it’s her familial duty to look after her mother. Like most families, these two get to have a go at each other, but as soon as someone else poses a threat, they close ranks. 

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A Friendship Contract Broken

Cynthia has to answer for her submissive behavior when it comes to her friendship with NeNe. Never has their dynamic been more obvious than when Cynthia sat by and said nothing after her good friend accused Peter of acting like a b**ch.

Cynthia thinks viewers confuse her loyalty to NeNe with being up the woman’s a**. While it appeared that the had been squashed, the friendship between the two women has taken maybe one too many hits. At the time the reunion was filmed, Cynthia claims they hadn’t spoken in weeks.

NeNe says that once shows started airing, Cynthia was influenced by other people as well as social media, and Cynthia agrees that old wounds were reopened. Cynthia feels she can’t tell NeNe when she’s wrong, or if she does, NeNe “feels some kind of way about it.” NeNe replies that even if she is in the wrong, she’s allowed to have feelings about it being pointed out to her.

Both women say they’ve put equal time and effort into their relationship, but in Cynthia’s opinion, NeNe doesn’t respect her. NeNe always toots her own horn about what a good friend she is to people, but most of her friendships seem to inevitably implode: Kim, Sheree and Marlo to name a few.

NeNe decides she’s not going to discuss her friendship with Cynthia in front of the other women, who don’t know the whole story or care for that matter. Kenya says NeNe’s attitude displays the exact lack of respect that Cynthia is accusing NeNe of. You can imagine how this goes over with NeNe.

Neither woman is sure if they can work out their differences at this point. Cynthia admits that she misses NeNe, but that sometimes you just come to the end of the road with people. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion concludes next Sunday at 8pm on Bravo, when the ladies’ significant others join in the melee.

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