Tonight is Family Night in Hell’s Kitchen. With the language these cooks have been using, I hope that Ramsay has earplugs for each young guest. Wonder who will mess up a hamburger and fries? When you give this crew fire, they can burn the place down. It’s going to be an interesting evening as we watch the teams battle to feed hungry children.

Dorm Aftermath

As the girls head to the dorms, they’re still upset that the Blue Team won. Of course, they’ve got their own axes to grind against each other. Is war breaking out? None of them are listening, which means their kitchen may erupt in chaos soon.

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The Morning Competition

Ramsay introduces Michael Testa, an eight year old pizza expert, to the kitchens. He’s amazing! He lays down and spins the pie under his legs. Ramsay now challenges the chefs to be creative and create gourmet pizzas. Hopefully, none will try to follow Michael’s example. They may end up in the hospital if they do.

In the kitchens, the chefs find 100 ingredients to use to make a pizza. The Blue Team quickly gets to work but the women can’t seem to decide what to use. They’re moving slow while the men have it together. Unfortunately, one of the men’s pizzas comes out too thin. Anton comes to the rescue. Meanwhile Joy drops her pie in the floor. Joy, you can’t use the five-second rule here. As the clock winds down, the men seem to be working together while anger rules the ladies team.

Pizza’s Up!

The pizzas are out and the chefs determine the order to serve. Ramsay has a special judge today for the challenge. Chef Wolfgang Puck is joining Ramsay for tasting. I’m surprised. Puck usually does Top Chef.

First up is Rochelle’s pizza which isn’t even round, has thick dough and is undercooked. It’s so bad that Puck throws it away. Her score is “5”. The Blue Team only get a “3” on Ralph’s pizza. Joy and Jessica’s pizza (that was dropped) gets a “4” while the Blue Team’s (a lobster pizza) gets a “5.” Melanie and Sandra’s pizza is burnt on the bottom and raw, earning them a “3.” Anton and Richard’s pie uses a lot of ingredients, and gets a “7.” It’s named the best of the day. The Blue Team wins but Ramsay wants to sample the ladies’ “left behind” pizza. Both Wolfgang and Ramsay like it and tell them that it would have tied with Anton’s and Richard’s.

The Men win and enjoy a day on the rooftop of a hotel on Sunset Strip and yoga lessons, while the women must prep both kitchens. The ladies end up fighting again as they begin to relax. Kaisha is ready to fight because she feels her pizza would have won.

Dinner Service

When the men return, both kitchens prepare as the doors open. The kids are out in force. It’s a brand new menu (oh no) featuring gourmet pizzas. The men get the first order but Chris messes it up. Chris messes them all up. Before the night is over, he and Scott run out of dough and have to go apologize to the guests. Wait a minute! The Blue Team isn’t done with destruction: they start a fire at the stove. These guys don’t even know how to put a fire out. Ramsay plays Superman and gets everything under control before the fire department arrives. The pizza dough finally runs out and Chris and Scott go apologize to the guests and get their new requests.

The women aren’t doing much better with Kaisha on the pizza. Rochelle, however, makes the first mistake with the scallops. What’s this? Why was she allowed to play with her hair? This is a “no-no” with Ramsay. I guess he’s concerned about the four pizzas that Kaisha and Bev just can’t prepare. There is one more piece of good news for the Red Team. They must prepare Ramsay’s family meals. Luckily these go out without a hitch.

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The Blue Team loses Italian Family Night and is sent upstairs to decide their nominees. No one wants to go up, but Ramsay demands answers. He puts Richard on the spot who tells him that they nominated Chris and Scott because of the pizza fiasco. Good choice, guys. After each plead their case, Ramsay calls Ralph down who makes the stupid mistake of not owning up to his mistakes. In the end, Chris is shown the door while Ralph breathes a sigh of relief.

On next week’s Hell’s Kitchen: Is this a fraternity mixer I see? Oh great, the men will be watching those girls all night. The ladies also seem to have their sights on getting rid of someone. I don’t like hearing words like devious and dangerous when it involves fire.

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