In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Shade for Days,” Kenya spends some quality time with her dad, Phaedra and Todd try to resolve their differences and Kandi accuses Porsha of taking sides.

The day after Kandi and Demetria’s video release party, Kandi learns of the dust-up between Phaedra, Porsha and Don Juan. Shamea drops by The Kandi Factory and starts to regale Kandi with the gory details, and Kandi is taken aback. She’s insulted that Porsha would find her so petty as to let something like money ruin a close friendship.

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Team Kandi vs. Team Porsha

Shamea thinks Don Juan overstepped his bounds, but he disagrees. Don Juan doesn’t think Phaedra should have been running her mouth about the situation to Porsha and Shamea, pointing out that Porsha doesn’t know the facts, and how can anyone trust the word of someone who never knows which end is up? After all, Porsha thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train.

Kandi doesn’t think it’s cool that Porsha is interjecting herself into a situation that has nothing to do with her, and it isn’t the first time. Kandi feels that she’s always been supportive of Porsha but hasn’t received the same treatment and plans to tell Porsha that the next time she sees her. If Shamea’s goal was to get Don Juan in trouble with his boss, she failed.

Never Do Business with Friends

Todd goes to see Phaedra, per her request, probably expecting her to hand over a check, but Phaedra feels that her debt has been paid in full, especially since the exercise video in question was never completed.

Todd points out that he never received the final payment, and Phaedra ceased all communication about the project, causing some confusion for Todd. He wanted to bring it up but could never find the right time.

Phaedra doesn’t say it to Todd’s face, but she wonders if he’s scrounging around for money because all of his LA TV projects have dried up or perhaps because Kandi’s weekly allowance is no longer keeping him afloat. Meow.

Instead, Phaedra points out that she gave birth 12 hours after the video was shot and then her husband went to prison. It has been a rough time, and Phaedra’s priorities have had to be her family and her health.

Todd isn’t buying the single mom strapped for cash story. Clips are played showing Phaedra stating that she’s flush and recounting some of the elaborate parties she’s thrown. It’s time for Phaedra to cut a check and stop playing. If Miss Parks can afford new boobies, she can certainly pay her debt to Todd.

Phaedra tells Todd that now that all her ducks are in a row, she’s ready to finish the project. She claims to have never even see the video, but a flashback from two years ago shows Phaedra not only watching but loving the finished product.

Todd didn’t come to play. He’s got the original budget and cancelled checks. They are good to go. All Phaedra needs to do is supply a photo for the DVD menu. So it looks like the video will get released and Todd will get his money.

Daddy Dearest

Kenya is finding out that building a house isn’t quite as easy as she thought it would be. She was convinced that Moore Manor would be the envy of everyone but is finding out that Barbie’s dream home is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

Kenya’s dad, Ronald, has come to visit. Even though the two aren’t especially close, Kenya is happy to have him there and get his opinion on her new abode.

Kenya’s also looking to resolve some of the issues she has with her dad because some relationship guru has planted the seed that the reason Kenya can’t find a man, get a man or keep a man stems from her crappy family dynamics — a theory that isn’t entirely without merit, except for the fact that Kenya is annoying and high maintenance as hell. Hell, she’s just cray-cray.

Red Carpet Ready

Porsha is in Los Angeles working the Emmy red carpet on behalf of Dish Nation. Porsha is less concerned with the job itself than how she looks doing it, and she’s got quite the entourage to glam her up for the big night.

Porsha’s also having some trouble adjusting to the fact that her right-hand woman and sister, Lauren, is becoming increasingly unavailable as her pregnancy progresses. Porsha is used to being Lauren’s top priority, and Porsha doesn’t seem eager to make room for the baby.

Back in Hotlanta, Cynthia and Peter are enjoying a date night with Todd and Kandi. Cynthia remarks that Kandi has hit the “booty do” stage of her pregnancy when her stomach sticks out more than her “booty do.”

The conversation quickly turns to the video release party, and Kandi tells Peter and Cynthia about Shamea, Porsha and Phaedra talking some smack about Todd. The only one of the three that Kandi really has an issue with is Porsha. She confides in Peter and Cynthia that she feels Porsha is quick to take Phaedra’s side whenever a dispute arises between Kandi and Phaedra.

Cynthia believes that when it comes to taking sides in an argument, people usually gravitate towards the person they are closest to at the time. It’s obvious Kandi is feeling a bit unappreciated by Porsha. After all, as Peter points out, it’s Kandi who put Porsha in play. Kandi gave P a role in A Mother’s Love, and she’s supported Porsha’s other various ventures, including the promotion of Porsha’s single “Flatline.” Never heard it? Me neither.

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Kandi-Coated Crap

Cynthia’s eyewear line is apparently doing well, and she decides to throw a customer appreciation party. The sole purpose of this is to sell more sunglasses, just at a nice little discount. Kandi and her team (Carmon and Don Juan) show up, as does Porsha, who is just back from LA.

Porsha decides to pull Kandi aside and discuss a few things, but Don Juan isn’t about to let Porsha fill Kandi’s head with a bunch of BS, so he and Carmon roll up on the two before they can even get started.

Porsha isn’t thrilled with being ganged up on by the “Kandi-Coated clique,” but things start off civil enough when Don Juan offers up an apology for being so aggressive. Maybe Kandi swatted her puppy on the nose after all.

Don Juan may be sorry about how he said what he said, but he isn’t sorry that he had his boss’ back. Porsha accepts the apology — even though she thinks it’s bullshit — since she’s not one to hold a grudge, or so she says.

Things go downhill fast after that. Porsha doesn’t want to have a conversation in front of Kandi’s entourage, and Kandi quickly points out that they don’t have to have a conversation at all. Do not mess with a pregnant Kandi. Kandi knows that Porsha doesn’t want anyone around who can contradict her version of what went down the night of the video shoot.

Porsha heads for the door, and Kandi goes back to the party with her minions in tow. Kenya questions where Phaedra is and finds it awfully convenient that the source of all this drama is nowhere to be seen.

Kenya Drudges Up Family Drama

After dragging her dad to see the money pit known as Moore Manor, Kenya decides to have a heart-to-heart with her daddy. Fantastic. We all get to sit around and watch Kenya dissect her daddy issues and cry some crocodile tears.

Kenya’s determined to bring her whole family together and wants her father’s help. She wants to organize a family reunion in Detroit, but Ronald wants nothing to do with it. Kenya’s endgame is to reconnect with her mother. I don’t know why Kenya is determined to pull at that thread. Hasn’t she heard the saying “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother”? True story.

Porsha Plays Both Sides

Porsha decides to be the bigger person and invite Kandi to lunch. I’m more interested in the Fried Chicken Benedict Porsha orders than I am in this overblown drama. I don’t enjoy Kandi in the role of villain, and as far as conflict goes, this is pretty lame stuff.

Porsha questions why she would come to the video release party to show her support and then proceeds to talk crap about Kandi. Kandi doesn’t get it either but says she heard that is exactly what Porsha did. Porsha thinks Kandi didn’t receive an accurate description of what actually went down.

It also turns out that a blogger overhears the whole thing and posts about it. Porsha blames this on Don Juan since he’s the one who decided to get all rowdy.

Porsha is upset that Kandi is choosing to believe everybody else over her, and she’s sad that Kandi is so quick to condemn her. Porsha thinks that Kandi may really be upset just because Porsha and Phaedra are friends but swears she never wants to get in the middle or take sides.

We all know Kandi thinks that Phaedra has done quite the opposite. Porsha’s quick to listen to Phaedra’s sob stories and jump on the bandwagon, leaving Kandi running behind.

Porsha tries a different tack. She tells Kandi that if it seems like she’s taking Phaedra’s side, maybe it’s because Phaedra needs her more than Kandi does. Phaedra is a single mother and all.

Kandi loses it, stating that Phaedra wanted Apollo gone long before he went off to pound rocks. Kandi knows that Phaedra is a master manipulator and will do whatever is necessary to maintain her image, but Kandi just doesn’t want it done at her expense.

The two go back and forth a bit more, but in the end, Kandi doesn’t want the negativity and decides to let it all go. Kandi also gets why Porsha might feel obligated to stick up for Phaedra.

Porsha asks if there’s anything she can do to help Phaedra and Kandi get to where they once were, but Kandi doubts if that is even possible.

The really important question is, where do I go to get that Fried Chicken Benedict?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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