Cynthia is busy getting everything ready for the Miss Renaissance pageant. She’s a little stressed with having to run everything herself after giving Porsha the (well-deserved) boot. Kenya stops in with a cute little lady who would like to apply for the pageant. Kenya also offers her services as a judge, and despite her immediate resistance to the idea, she’s happy to take Kenya up on her offer. Judge Kenya 2.0, y’all.

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Hushed Wifey

Kordell and Porsha sit down for dinner at a local restaurant. The server takes their drink order and Porsha requests a Sprite. Kordell orders her a wine instead. Poor girl can’t even make her own beverage decisions. They begin discussing the fact that Porsha isn’t home as much lately because she is working more with the charity. Kordell isn’t pleased. He expects his servant wife to be home earlier because he is a monster “traditional” husband. Then they start talking about having kids, and whether or not Porsha is ready to take on that responsibility. There’s really no “we” in this discussion, because Kordell expects her to do all of the parenting, I guess. Now all of a sudden, Porsha wants a “career” and a nanny instead. Kordell is not okay with that. No nannies, no help. The solution? They’ll borrow her brother’s baby for a week for a test drive.

Sexy Dinner

Phaedra and Apollo have Kandi and Todd over for dinner. The ladies are looking forward to an upcoming girls trip to Los Angeles to visit NeNe, and then a stop in Vegas. Chef Roble is cookin’ up some aphrodisiacs, and in the middle of the meal, Phaedra decides to let Apollo know that she’s “ready to go” by sticking out her snake tongue and getting all graphic. And now we all feel uncomfortable. Thanks, Phaedra!

Need More NeNe

NeNe is home for a few days and Cynthia stops by to see her. NeNe is not excited about Kenya being a judge at the pageant. Kenya has been a little bit unpredictable, you know, with the whole mesh ass-less dress at NeNe’s ShoeDazzle event. But Cynthia needs help, so hopefully Kenya can put up a better showing than at her last Bailey Agency judging gig. We shall see. 

Gospel Kandi

Kandi has Marvin Sapp in the studio to record his part on Kandi’s new song, “Prayed Up.” He just comes in and kills it. Without any direction. Kandi says, “He’s a pro,” and he definitely does a fabulous job.

Pageant Time

Cynthia picks up her co-host, the oh-so-dreamy Boris Kodjoe, and heads over. Kenya wears her “Miss USA” sash, but luckily refrains from wearing the crown. Cynthia and Boris fumble through the script, but head out on stage to get things started. Cynthia’s mic doesn’t work. His script is out of order. They announce the girls on the runway incorrectly. Yikes. After the intermission, the ladies come out in their gowns and answer questions and actually improve the show. 

To kill time before the votes are tallied, Boris and Cynthia strut their stuff for the crowd. Boris is a pro and continues to ham it up for everyone. Miss Renaissance is crowned and now Cynthia can take a break. Time to head West and visit NeNe!

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