Sean Lowe may have said goodbye to Tierra on The Bachelor but her (reality stars) critics are not about to let the week pass by without giving us a piece of their mind. Check out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowski, Bachelorette season 1 star Trista Sutter and Bachelor season 17 star Sean himself have to say about this season’s villain.

When Sean took Tierra on their first (and last) one-on-one date on Monday’s episode, he used it as an opportunity to get to the bottom of the drama surrounding Tierra, who remained unapologetic about her behavior towards the other women. While Sean was skeptical about her future with Tierra, he still looked for reasons to keep her around until he witnessed more drama resulting from her blowout with AshLee. At that point,  viewers were given more reasons to jump on the Tierra hate-wagon while Sean realized that he couldn’t marry her so he let her go.

Chris Harrison: “You have to understand, Sean really liked Tierra from the moment she got out of the limo. This immediate attraction kind of blinded him to things he didn’t want to see in the first place. But finally Sean had to open his eyes and deal with it… The last few weeks Tierra has been able to hold it all together and really swing the overall situation in her favor, but she was a ticking time bomb…  A guy will defend a girl and put her back together only so long. Sean reached his breaking point… I found it interesting that through it all Tierra always felt she was the victim. She never took any responsibility for anything that took place.”

Trista Sutter: “I know that she doesn’t feel respected by or connected with anyone in the house, but the fact that she doesn’t regret the drama she has caused and the arguments with the other girls springs up a HUGE red flag…  Until this episode, I didn’t spend much time on Tierra because I didn’t see her as the recipient of Sean’s final rose. But what REALLY lit a fire under my blog-writing butt started with this comment: ‘…girls are jealous. Men love me.’ She then went on to say that she is a miracle of science and can’t control her eyebrow and the best quote of the night: ‘If I could walk around with a smile on 24/7, I would, but my face would be freaking tired.'” 

Ali Fedotowski: “I really can’t believe that she called AshLee a cougar and thinks it weird that she is 32 and single. I have zero respect for Tierra after those comments.  I really felt bad for Tierra this week after seeing all the negative press she is getting, and I was planning on sticking up for her saying that she is young and just doesn’t understand. But now, unfortunately, I can’t defend her… I don’t think Tierra is a bad person. I honestly think that she tries to be sweet and wants others to like her. Unfortunately, she is a little too young and immature to be on this show right now. She has said some extremely naive things on this show, and I’m sure she knows that now that she has watched it with all of Bachelor nation judging her. I really wish her the best and hope she learns from this experience.” 

Sean Lowe: “I was nervous that if I ended up with Tierra, drama would follow her into our everyday lives. But when she told me she was falling in love with me, I softened a bit. She was always kind when she was with me, and I wanted to believe that the drama was circumstantial and that once she wasn’t around a bunch of girls dating the same guy, she would be drama-free. I still ended the evening with questions, but remembering that my connection with Tierra was strong… I was not aware of the big blowout AshLee and Tierra just had. I found Tierra crying on her bed with her head in her hands. I had already figured by this point that Tierra was not the woman I was going to marry, so when I saw how distraught she was, I knew I had to end it right then and there. I still believe Tierra has more good in her than people see, but I also recognize that she doesn’t have the maturity or social skills necessary to make it on The Bachelor.”

What are your final thoughts about Tierra? Do you agree with these reality stars?

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