On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya throws a party and doesn’t invite the guest of honor. Porsha lands a job. Kandi deals with more mama drama. And NeNe and Kenya’s friendship takes another hit.

Now that Kenya and NeNe are on the outs, Kenya is questioning her friendship with the grande dame of the Atlanta housewives. Kenya’s finding herself drawn to Marlo for advice on how to soothe the savage NeNe. Marlo recalls an argument she had with NeNe, after which Marlo and NeNe took a month-long hiatus from one another. In Kenya’s words, NeNe “put her on ice.”

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Sweet Charity

The timing couldn’t be worse for Kenya to throw a party, especially since we all know Kenya doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to entertaining. This time, it’s a masquerade ball for charity, and Kenya’s aiming for an Eyes Wide Shut feel. So, masks and nothing else? Kenya won’t be deterred by the fact that she’s in the doghouse with NeNe, or let her strained relationship with Phaedra deter her from exhibiting good southern manners.

All the girls are on the guest list and were sent evites. There’s nothing more elegant than an evite. That’s what you use for a backyard BBQ, not a fancy schmancy ball.

Kenya decides to have a casting for eligible men to auction off at the ball and donate the proceeds to NeNe’s favorite charity. Kenya’s convinced NeNe won’t be able to hold a grudge once she raises thousands of dollars for NeNe’s favorite charity. Kenya wants to kill her with kindness.

One Singular Sensation

Kandi’s still holding auditions for her musical, but she’s secured some marquee names: herself, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, Q. Parker and D. Woods. There are still a few parts to be had, and Porsha is hoping to land one. Porsha’s confident she’s going to smash it with the singing portion of the audition because she’s performing a gospel song, and she knows she’s going to be “convicted.” She is nervous about her “acting” as is the very cynical group she’s auditioning for.

Even reading directly from the script, Porsha fudges her lines. Then it’s on to the singing. At least it’s not “Amazing Grace.” I don’t think her voice is bad at all, but she suffers from that affliction wanna-be singers have where they drag out notes and pretend they’re Christina Aguilera. She manages to not humiliate herself, but according to Kandi, there are some other strong contenders in the running.

The Bachelor

Also holding auditions is Kenya. She’s called on Cynthia to help her interview bachelors, using the modeling agency as the venue. Also along for the ride is Marlo who seems to be on the fast tract to becoming best buddies with Kenya. They practically groom each other like cats as they prep and preen for the steady stream of studs. Duds is more like it and only six contenders in all.

B**ch on Wheels

Porsha invites the ladies to participate in some roller derby. NeNe is a no-show, but everyone else turns out. Kandi announces that she’s finished casting her musical, and yes, Porsha has landed the part of Jada. Kandi might be having second thoughts about her decision after Porsha refers to her character as Jade instead. Porsha should get on her knees and thank the lord that there is such a thing as nepotism.

Kandi questions whether Kenya has spoken to NeNe since the spar — I mean, spa day, and the two still are incommunicado. Kenya was hoping NeNe would show up at the roller rink so they could clear the air. She does offer up an apology to the rest of the group for her part in “Pillow Gate.” Phaedra doubts that NeNe would accept Kenya’s apology even if she had been there to hear it.

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Momma Joyce Strikes Again

Kandi is still dealing with her hurricane of a mother, Momma Joyce, wreaking havoc and leaving a path of destruction in her wake. It’s a little confusing to follow, but Carmon found out exactly who Momma Joyce’s go-to gossip girl is when it comes to the subject of the alleged affair between Carmon and Todd.

An incensed Carmon tells the woman off, but then she has to deal with the wrath of mom when Joyce leaves her a nasty phone message. Carmon shares all of this with Kandi. Kandi, who thought the drama with her mom was dying down, is finding herself smack dab in the middle of ground zero, again.

Kandi breaks the news to Todd about all the Carmon/Momma Joyce drama. This includes dropping the bomb that Momma Joyce wanted to pay a mutual friend to set Todd up and get pictures of him in a compromising position with another woman. Todd says Momma is messing with Kandi’s mind, and if she doesn’t put the old lady in check, she’ll continue to run her daughter’s life.

Todd even threatens that he’s got one foot out the door. Kandi breaks down and says that’s the difference between family and a fiance. At a loss for what to do next, Todd suggests that Kandi go to therapy to work on herself which might help her better deal with her mom.

Her Invitation Got Lost in the E-Mail

NeNe and Cynthia get together to catch up, and when Cynthia asks NeNe if she got an invitation to Kenya’s ball, she says no. There have been no calls, no texts — nothing. NeNe’s holding firm that she’s done with Kenya until the ex-beauty queen takes responsibility for her actions at the pajama party. Since NeNe bailed on roller derby, she doesn’t know that Kenya had done just that.

NeNe has been hearing from Marlo that Kenya is putting on a masquerade ball to honor her. NeNe can’t fathom that Kenya would hold something in her honor and not call. She’s also a bit thrown by this new friendship between Marlo and Kenya.

Party Pooper

It’s time for Kenya’s masquerade ball, and she finds out, on the day of, that her guest of honor might fail to attend. Kenya’s got proof that the evite she sent was opened. Kenya thinks NeNe is being petty and carrying a grudge, and if she’s a no-show, NeNe will look like a monster.

Kenya is on full blast for her soiree. Her ornate mask resembles a murder (group of crows). Marlo pulls a Hail Mary and manages to dig up a few more single men for the charity auction. Probably cast-offs from her own little black book.

Lucky for Kenya, Cynthia is tenacious. She spent all day calling NeNe and apparently wore her down because she finally makes an entrance. But NeNe doesn’t say one word to the hostess. Kenya tries to get NeNe to address the crowd, but philanthropy be damned, she refuses to put on a happy face. All she does is make herself look bad.

After her brief but memorable appearance, NeNe takes her leave with Gregg in tow. Also ready to ditch the debacle is Peter, who is displeased with NeNe’s behavior. Peter says the party is not the time or place for her to air her petty grievances. The kinder, gentler NeNe we saw so much of early in the season has definitely been replaced by the diva we all know and have a love-hate relationship with.

More fallout to come…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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