Tonight, we begin at NeNe’s Los Angeles pad. She’s got terrible cell phone service and can’t get the ATL dish from Cynthia. Kenya sends over the contents of her LA storage unit to fill NeNe’s house. Some of the items are ehhh. NeNe is stressed about decorating the house and really settling in. She’s not sure how long The New Normal will run and she refuses to give up her house in Atlanta.

NeNe Leakes Confirms Engagement >>>

Cake by Kandi

Kandi and Riley are baking a cake for Todd’s birthday. Kandi is happy that the two of them have bonded and are in a good place. The mother/daughter banter is adorable. Riley asks if she can move into the giant guest house so she can have a bigger room and more freedom. Kandi shuts her down.

Earth to Kenya

Kenya’s aunt, Lori, and her cousin comes over to her place for dinner. Kenya tells them about the whole Walter situation and about the break-up. The ladies try to wake up her up and let her know that Walter is a fool and she can do better. Umm, hello! It’s about time. I just hope it sticks. 

Donkey Booty Business

Over to the gym where Kenya meets up with Phaedra and Apollo to discuss the “Donkey Booty” workout video. They go through a few different modifications of a traditional squat. They talk budget, set design and offers. Phaedra is apprehensive about several things, mainly the portion of the budget that she will have to provide. She makes it clear that she wants her lawyer present going forward. 

When she does meet with her lawyer, he confirms that the budget is too high. Kenya comes in and things get tense. Phaedra mentions a discussion with Todd and an offer from him to produce the video with a smaller cut than Kenya is looking to take. Kenya is completely insulted and they part ways on an awkward note.

NeNe Takes Hollywood

Back in Los Angeles, NeNe is beginning to let go of her control and Gregg is stepping in to help. She has a sweet trailer on set and is working long hours to shoot the show. She is humbled but fabulous and still completely and wonderfully NeNe. 

Cake Cutting Conversation

Kandi takes Todd out for his birthday and they board a helicopter to take him to the party. Everyone arrives before the guest of honor. Kenya and Phaedra play it off like everything is fine, despite the obvious tension. Kenya pulls Apollo aside to try and reason with him about her terms. He is clearly stuck in the middle. He’s diplomatic and nice to her, but he knows all decisions come down to Phaedra. Kenya thinks that the cutting of the cake is the appropriate time to approach Todd about his conversation with Phaedra. Yikes. Kandi shuts her down. No, Kenya, this is not the appropriate time.

Tweet for Booty

Phaedra sends out a vague tweet encouraging all that want to be featured in her video to arrive at Cynthia’s Casting Agency during a specified time. Without approaching Cynthia first. Cynthia’s office gets bombarded with calls and she deters everyone from coming, as this was not a planned casting call. She calls a meeting with Kenya and Phaedra to discuss it. Kenya arrives first, and she and Cynthia discuss the contract dispute between her and Phaedra. Cynthia agrees wholeheartedly with Kenya, and if she is chosen to cast the video, she expects to be paid as well. 

The conversation shifts from Cynthia and Phaedra to Kenya and Phaedra. Kenya decides she has had enough and is done with the project. She does not work for free and feels completely disrespected by Phaedra.

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