Over the last three season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sisters and former child actresses Kim and Kyle Richards have seen their fair share of ups and downs. But who knew that it would take another kind of more challenging reality show to bring them closer together?

The Richards sisters signed up to appear on Stars In Danger: The High Dive (airing this evening at 8pm on Fox) for a chance to spend more quality time together that didn’t encourage drama like their normal TV gig does. The concept of the show is that Kim and Kyle along with six other “celebrities” learn how to dive like Olympians.

“It was really neat, the support system we had for each other,” Kim told The Huffington Post. “Where we come out of this at the end, really our relationship is strengthened above and beyond where I think it’s ever been. It’s really awesome.”

Kyle affirms her sister’s conclusion, saying that she, too is happy with the outcome of their decision to do the show.

“We were together every single day, training together, facing fears, emotional and physical challenges,” Kyle said in the joined interview. “We really had to support each other to get through this and it was a very positive experience for the two of us.”

Not only were they there for each other, but they got equal love and support from their families. Their sister Kathy Hilton “thought it was great” and Kyle’s husband and Kim’s kids were all very proud of the sisters. Not only that, but the two appreciated that the dynamic with their other co-stars was so different than the one they experience on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“It was nice to have my sister and me, just together and just focusing on us,” Kim said. “At the end of the day, when there was something going on and she was scared and needed me or I was scared and needed her, it was just the two of us at the edge of the diving board. It was just us. We depended on each other. It was just what we needed. It was perfected. It was a lot of rebuilding.”

After the two of them have spent so much time fighting and in such a public matter, even after Kim got sober after a lifelong struggle with alcoholism, Kyle admits that it’s been hard to revisit those times as the current episodes of RHOBH air.

“I didn’t watch [new episodes],” Kyle said. “For this, I just said to myself, ‘I don’t care what happens on Housewives or what one of us said. I don’t want it to affect the progress we’ve made in our relationship in doing Stars in Danger.” 

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Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV