On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, several of the eliminated contestants return to lend support to their favorite finalist. Jourdan, Marvin and Cory participate in photo shoots for Guess and Nylon magazine. Minutes before the runway show, the three finalists deal with one last shocking twist.

A Fierce Threesome

Jourdan won best picture for the fifth time which would seem to make her the one to beat. But, humble, Bronx-born homeboy “Starvin’ Marvin”, and bald and beautiful Cory are sure to give her a run for the title.

Blasts From the Past

The three finalists find out they’ll be doing a photo shoot for Guess. The photographer is Yu Tsai, who has worked with several of Guess’ breakout stars such as Kate Upton. He tells the final three that to be a Guess model “you have to be sexy, bold, and most importantly, confident.” To Guess, the most important quality the face of their brand must possess is the ability to connect with potential customers. Before being sent off to hair and make-up, Johnny has a surprise for the finalists. Each is getting their own mini-entourage/glam squad/cheerleaders/fans/catwalk crew.

These minions turn out to be previous contestants who have chosen who they want to support. Team Cory includes: Chlea, Mike, Kanani, Jiana and Nina. Marvin says he isn’t surprised that Cory has so much estrogen backing him up since he’s one of the girls. He’s confident all the real men will choose him.

Team Marvin consists of: Phil (yuck), Don (eliminated too soon), Jeremy and Renee – “Marnee” is reunited.

With only the universally loathed Chris H. left, Jourdan stands alone. She finally comes to the realization that she might have done something over the course of the competition to make the other contestants not like her. She may not be humble or even that likable, but you’d have to have a heart of stone to not feel for her at this moment. Not exactly a confidence builder going into a make it or break it photo shoot feeling like a Grade A loser.

Like Jourdan’s not feeling lousy enough, Chris H. is the only previous contestant to pick Team Jourdan. You don’t feel a lot of love flowing between the two. Instead of Jourdan being grateful that one person doesn’t find her completely heinous, she says she would rather have no supporters than a fake supporter. Chris H. definitely wasn’t going with Cory after their massive blow out last week. He tells Johnny that he went with Jourdan because he can imagine opening a fashion magazine and seeing her in it.

Guess Whose Shoot Goes Best

Cory’s Achilles heel and biggest asset are his androgynous looks. He’s by far the most high fashion of the three, but he lacks the commercial appeal that Jourdan and Marvin have. He struggles, as he has throughout the competition, to strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. While his supporters try to give him pointers, all they manage to do is aggravate the photographer.

Yu tells Cory not to get wrapped up in whatever little battles he’s dealing with at the moment but rather how Cory wants to translate his energy to the camera. Yu says it isn’t about masculine or feminine but the person. Once Cory starts to just relax and be himself, the result, according to Yu, is magical.

Marvin, who used to work for Guess, is feeling confident and sexy despite the fact he considers himself the underdog. He wants one more shot to prove he’s better than Jourdan. He has already discounted Cory. Marvin is chastised constantly. Johnny thinks he’s crumbling under the pressure and not bringing his A game. He says Marvin is over thinking every direction and now isn’t the time to choke.

Cory has nothing but love for Jourdan. But, he feels she has no versatility. It’s true; blonde models are a dime a dozen. She stands out against her competitors but probably not much at a casting call. Yu says Jourdan looks pretty but there’s nothing going on behind her eyes. Johnny says she looks the part, and she’s resting on her laurels. Yu calls her empty and boring. Johnny and Yu get into a heated “discussion” which makes Jourdan wonder if the annoyance she feels at the situation is going to show on her face.

Jourdan comes through in the end. Yu admits that Jourdan has everything it takes to be the ultimate Guess girl, but it just took a bit of time to get her where he needed her.


Next up, a Nylon shoot with the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Marvin Scott Jarrett and J. Errico the publication’s fashion director. Jarrett lets the finalist know that not just anybody can get a six to eight page story in his magazine. He reinforces that the stakes are high and every picture counts. There is no sign of any catwalk crew members.

The three have a little pow-wow with Jarrett after the shoot. Jourdan admits that coming into the competition, she didn’t have a lot of self esteem. Over time, she realized that there must be something special about her, or she wouldn’t be there. Marvin also feels that he has experienced a boost in his confidence level. He’s convinced that Jourdan doesn’t want to win as badly as he does, and that she’ll never really have the appreciation for experiences like their time in Bali that he will.

Later, Cory tells Jourdan and Marvin he feels he has to try so much harder to “embody this character.” He feels he’s been playing straight and masculine for the whole week. He’s just trying to keep it together. He’s not being completely true to himself because he feels that’s what it will take for him to win. He wants to break boundaries in the fashion industry. Good luck. Plenty of people with the same agenda have tried and failed.

A Lack of Love Triangle

I’m getting exhausted just writing about these last few days in Bali. The finalists arrive at a park to shoot a fashion feature that will be part of the final runway show. The catwalk crews are back and are going to be used as extras in the fashion feature. Rob Evans also has a role in the short film as well as Cycle 19 winner Laura James. The fashion video is about a threesome; a girl (Jourdan) caught between the light and the dark. Cory plays the bad boy, abusive boyfriend, a scenario Jourdan can really relate to.

Again, Cory complains that Jourdan and Marvin basically get to be themselves while he has to jump through rings of fire.

Marvin plays the good guy. He’s able to set aside his feelings for Renee and throw himself into his role. Jourdan is happy that he’s able to be affectionate with her. Marvin says it’s incredibly hard to pretend to be in love with Jourdan. So, to make it believable, he imagines that Jourdan is his girl Renee. Cory is less than thrilled at having to make out with Jourdan as well. How can this girl become a top model when she’s so repellent?

Runway and a Runaway

Last but most definitely not least, the models prepare to walk the runway in the penultimate moment of the competition. While the catwalk crews are supposedly already supporting their favorite, Johnny dangles a thousand bucks in front of them to jump ship. This incentive only goes to members of the winner’s catwalk crew. Mike switches to Jourdan’s team. Jourdan feels good to have another warm body on her team. Too bad they had to bribe Mike with the chance at money to make it happen.

Just as the show is about to begin, Tyra shows up and drops the bomb that only two of the three will be walking. An impromptu judges’ panel takes place just minutes before the fashion show. The judges will make their decision based on photos from the Guess shoot.

Kelly thinks Marvin’s cheekbones are doing all the work. She questions whether he’s a soap opera star or a fashion model. Rob and Tyra aren’t thrilled either, but luckily, the fans loved the shot.

Kelly says Jourdan looks like Daisy Duke, but that she’d rather see less Daisy and more Duke. I honestly have no idea what she means by that. Kelly’s comments often leave me flummoxed. Rob is especially difficult to understand. It’s as if he’s mumbling with marbles in his mouth, but I think he likes the pic. Tyra always finds some flaw. This time it’s that Jourdan didn’t extend her neck far enough.

Rob and Kelly both think Cory has managed to look more masculine. This has been more of an issue for Rob than the ladies. All three agree that it doesn’t meet advertising expectations.

Find out who makes the cut as well as who is crowned America’s Next Top Model.

Tune in Friday November 15 at 8 pm on the CW for part 2 of the finale.

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