After dancing the best years of their lives last night, the celebrities once again face elimination. Their ouster will be accompanied tonight by a performance from Jennifer Lopez and Andrea Bocelli. The live blog starts now:

The proceedings begin with a showcase of Dancing with the Stars’ female dancers, set to a military arrangement of Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls).” One recap montage later, we get our first results:


Alexandra and Mark

Zendaya and Val

Kellie and Derek

Ingo and Kym

Nothing terribly surprising there. The first three are literally the top performers in the competition, and Ingo wasn’t bad last night by any stretch.

The judges announce that Aly will be doing the encore. Her dance was a highlight last night, and it’s just as impressive once again.

Apparently Karina jumped the gun on her performance a little bit last night, prompting a spectacularly incredulous look from Jacoby. He’s a man of many silly facial expressions, but I think that one was my favorite.


Jacoby and Karina

Sean and Peta

I’m not sure, but I think Jacoby just gave Sean a little celebratory peck on the cheek. Easy Jacoby, he’s a born-again virgin.

I’m calling it right now: Lisa is dropping out, and every contestant will be announced safe.

If you’ve visited the Dancing with the Stars website, you’ll recognize this web video of Bruno’s fictional writers. Season 16 steaming sex machine indeed.

Brad Paisley’s here tonight, mercifully forgoing a performance of his ridiculous new song, “Accidentally Racist.” If you’re unfamiliar with that song, throw a rock into the internet and you’ll hit somebody making fun of it.

It’s time for some inspiration now, as 17-year-old, legally blind dancer Brilynn Rakes is given the opportunity to dance with her favorite dancer, Derek. Brilynn was born with extremely limited vision, and has had to work hard to achieve success in dance. She comes off as a very talented, down-to-earth teenager; happy to see her rise to the occasion here.

Next up is a performance from Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez. I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately, but I’m reliably informed that the song is about love.

Time for some more results:


D.L. and Cheryl

In Jeopardy:

Andy and Sharna

Victor and Lindsay

Lisa and Gleb

Well, there goes my “everybody’s safe” theory. Time for the final results:


Andy and Sharna

Victor and Lindsay

Lisa Vanderpump is eliminated.

Not by withdrawal, but elimination then — that jives with 69% of you said in the poll yesterday. Though she struggled with the early routines, Lisa did have a certain dry sense of humor that rounded out the show nicely. Better luck next year, Gleb fans.

Other than Dorothy’s withdrawal, there really haven’t been any surprise eliminations so far. We’ll see if that streak continues with Victor’s exit next week, or if there’s something a little more unpredictable in store.

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'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Performance Rankings

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