During this week’s episode of The Originals, Genevieve turns out to be not such a bad egg, Mikael returns to New Orleans and Marcel and Cami work together to find out what Kieran’s key opens. Also, Hayley moves back into the compound where several surprises await her. 

And as the time for Hayley to give birth approaches, Klaus is plagued with nightmares about his father.

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The Coven

Genevieve continues to educate the Harvest witches. She explains that when supernatural beings die, they are doomed to spend eternity alone watching the world go on without them. Witches have a higher calling. They lay consecrated in the earth replenishing its power. Davina questions what happens to humans and Genevieve tells her some find peace, others don’t. Monique continues to be insufferably nasty. When Genevieve releases her charges, so she can attend Father Kieran’s wake, the young witch questions why they should even care about his passing. Genevieve explains that when a pillar of the community passes, they cease fire and pay their respects. 

Monique questions Genevieve’s true notice. She believes the elder witch is going to see Klaus. Genevieve explains that she has to get the Mikaelsons to trust her to fulfill her obligation to their ancestors (killing the hybrid baby). She and Klaus didn’t have an amicable breakup, so she’s got her work cut out for her. That is, unless Klaus is so ambivalent about her that he doesn’t care enough to hold a grudge.

Klaus’ First Child

While the bun in Hayley’s oven is Klaus’ first biological child, he had a very strong father-son bond with Marcel. In a flashback, we see that Klaus used his incredible talent for persuasion to get Marcel’s master/owner/father to free him. Klaus tells the young Marcel that his father hated him to, but that family can be more than shared DNA.

It’s All About Timing

At Kieran’s wake, Cami crosses path with Francesca who inquires about Kieran’s missing necklace with this new mystery key. She says she was informed it was missing and assumed he had left it for her. Cami is taken aback. Francesca, realizing  this tact to get what she wants might be a touch abrasive, tries again. She introduces herself and tells Cami she took over Kieran’s role as faction representative once his faculties started to go. Francesca says she needs that key to protect the people of the city. Cami tells her it must have fallen off during the events that led to her uncle’s untimely death and storms off.

Will Hayley Return to the Quarter?

Klaus is put off by the jovial tone of the wake, to which Elijah responds, “Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, Niklaus, denial, rage and hoarding coffins in basements.” Hayley shows up complaining about Oliver’s constant attempts to start a revolution. She’s ready to take him down. To make matter worse, Klaus had decided that Hayley should move back into the compound. Hayley makes it clear that she’s capable of taking care of herself, but Klaus is not in the mood for negotiations. He tells her the rings are a work in progress, they will uncover who launched the attack against the werewolves and punish them, and Hayley will return to the Quarter.

One Ring to Rule Them All

When Elijah finds out that Klaus has been dreaming of their father, he reveals that he has too. Elijah spots Genevieve and spitballs that perhaps this is another way for their enemies to orchestrate an attack. Already in a foul humor, Klaus doesn’t need much of an excuse to decide to kill the witch.

Elijah and Klaus interrogate Genevieve, questioning why she would choose to torment them with visions of Mikael. She denies any involvement. In order to save her skin, she does offer to try and get them answers. Elijah’s not thrilled with this course of action, but Klaus tells him that he needs a witch to forge the rings for the wolves. He thinks Genevieve’s desperation to have them trust her will get him what he wants.

Mikael Seeks Out Davina

Klaus and Elijah aren’t the only ones seeing Mikael. Davina decides to hold a seance to contact her deceased friend, Tim. Instead, the Mikaelson patriarch makes a brief but memorable appearance.

A Matter of Trust

Marcel, still on furlough, spends time alone with Cami. She tells him about Francesca and her interest in Kieran’s key. She figures out that Marcel knows something about it, and he shows her that it’s hanging securely around his neck. He admits to her that he had Josh lift it. Marcel says he’s doing a favor, and she should trust him; she doesn’t want to get involved. Cami sees things quite differently. Marcel offers to tell her about the key, but she makes it clear she’d prefer to remain clueless and sends him on his way.

The Other Side

Genevieve breaks the news that the purgatory where supernatural souls are trapped is disintegrating. Some TVD crossover — I like it. Klaus confirms her story. He got the 411 from a phone call placed to the Anchor herself. This seems to cheer Klaus up since soon the last remnant of Mikael will be gone for good.

Monique Casts a Spell

Hayley confronts Francesca about the bombing. Francesca denies any involvement, saying when she goes after a target, she doesn’t miss.

Monique lays in wait for Hayley as she leaves Francesca’s. She’s cooking up some kind of mojo, and from the way Hayley tightened her coat against her burgeoning belly, it isn’t anything good.

A Secret Weapon

After the funeral, Cami tells Marcel she’s changed her mind and wants to know about the key. Marcel says the key supposedly leads to something that can be used against the supernaturals if they get too far out of line. Marcel trusted Kieran enough to not pursue it. He knew if the priest was forced to use this weapon, it would be because he had no choice.

Cami asks what it opens, and Marcel says he doesn’t know, and it’s not for lack of trying. He’s spent what precious time he has left in the city turning it upside down looking for anything. That would be the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack when you don’t know what the needle looks like.

I Take It You Won’t Be Knitting the Baby Any Booties

During the funeral, Hayley gets desperately ill and collapses. They bring her back to the compound and Genevieve is conveniently on hand to help. Elijah notices she’s not breathing, and although he can hear the baby’s heartbeat, he can’t hear Hayley’s. Hayley awakes on what looks to be the Other Side, and Mikael is there as well.

Hayley thinks she’s dreaming, but Mikael assures her it’s very real. Mikael’s not thrilled about becoming a grandfather. He has almost as much contempt for the werewolves as for Klaus. Mikael goes on his standard rampage about what a loser Klaus is, like we haven’t heard that tirade multiple times before. Mikael says that Klaus will destroy the child one way or another, so better it die now. Hayley stakes Mikael.

While Hayley deals with Mikael, Klaus grows frantic enough to consider ripping the baby from the womb. Genevieve makes it clear Hayley will bleed to death. Now, she’s a werewolf with super healing powers, and she’s got vampire blood at the ready. It doesn’t seem likely she couldn’t heal. It doesn’t matter because Elijah refuses to let Klaus sacrifice Hayley for the baby.

Genevieve has a vision of what Monique did to Hayley and declares she knows how to help the mommy-to-be. She performs some spell, and just as Hayley bests Mikael, she’s revived. She tells Klaus and Elijah that she saw Mikael, and he tried to kill her.

A Treasure Hunt

Cami has an epiphany during Kieran’s funeral and winds up at her brother’s tomb. Cami tells Marcel she’s always wondered why her uncle didn’t have her brother interred in the family tomb. She now thinks he may have seen it as an opportunity to hide something he didn’t want others to find.

Sure enough, they find a box, but when they open it, it’s empty. Cami wipes away some dust and reveals a code that her brother taught her 15 years ago. Cami refuses to tell Marcel what it means. She says that it appears her brother was meant to be brought into all this supernatural juju all along and that makes it her responsibility now whether she likes it or not.

Back in the Fold

Hayley decides to move back to the compound after all, but only if Klaus doesn’t try and keep her under lock and key. She also questions what happens to her once the baby is born. She fears he might try to take the baby away from her or worse.

Klaus shows Hayley the nursery he’s prepared for their child. He tells her that he believes the baby should be raised by both of its parents in the family home.

Klaus wants to know what Mikael said to Hayley during their brief time together, and she tells him nothing true.

The Favor

Elijah tells Genevieve that he can’t forgive her for the role she played in Beks’ departure, but he might be willing to show her more kindness if she were to help him with a special project. Elijah explains that once the baby is born, Hayley will again transform with the full moon. He says he wants to give her a ring of empowerment to control the curse.

What’s the Matter with Kids These Days?

Genevieve arrives home and reads Monique the riot act. Monique defends herself by saying that she was just trying to do what the ancestors asked. Genevieve explains that the baby is part witch and needs to be consecrated to the earth, so she can fuel the community. The baby must be born before it can die.

Unresolved Issues

While Klaus feels that with Mikael completely gone, he’ll find peace. However, Elijah thinks that someone else haunts him as well: Marcel. He urges him to resolve their differences. This is odd coming from the person who banished Marcel from the city.

Another flashback reveals that years after leaving the plantation, he returned to free the remaining slaves. Still mortal, he’s shot by his father. As he lay dying, Klaus offers to heal him, but Marcel questions what he is to Klaus. He gives him an ultimatum to either turn him or let him die. Klaus fears that in doing so, he will rob Marcel of everything that makes him good. Marcel convinces him that turning is what he wants.

If Klaus does have any desire to reconcile with Marcel, he’s keeping it on the down low. The two have another confrontation, with Klaus still bellyaching about Marcel’s betrayal. With the recent resurgence of the Original’s daddy, old wounds are once again fresh.

Fledgling Relationships

Thrilled to have Hayley not only alive but back under the same roof, he lets his guard down and the two finally kiss. Could this finally be the beginning of more than a beautiful friendship?

Another relationship that could cause Klaus to freak out is the one that looks to be forming between Davina and Mikael. 

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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