Falling Skies doesn’t return for a couple months, but we got the scoop on what’s coming up on season 4 from the show’s fierce women. Sarah Carter (Maggie), Moon Bloodgood (Anne) and Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes) spoke with journalists at this month’s Wondercon.

Maggie will be involved in a new love triangle with Hal and the third is not Karen. It’s Maggie’s turn! She has two men interested in her and the new love is a shocker. An aged Lexi will play a pivotal role. Can the half-human half-alien offspring be trusted? 

Check out the video interviews and highlights.

Sarah Carter Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • “This is one of her wildest seasons. It is her wildest season.”
  • Maggie will be in a love triangle with Hal and Ben.
  • When it was written, she had a strong reaction. She loves working with Drew and the relationship between Maggie and Hal.
  • “The relationship is now complex because his little brother’s involved.” and “It makes for incredible drama.”
  • It’s heartwrenching. She can’t say the reason for all of this to happen. “It’s justified, but it’s just hard.”
  • At the beginning of the season Maggie and Hal are separated and both have leadership roles. 
  • Tom empowers Maggie this season.
  • When Ben sees Maggie in a leadership role, he falls in love and wants to be around her.
  • Karen returns. “She’s forever going to be the reason for a lot of the things that happen on the show. She’s the reason for everything in the next season. The separating and the coming back together.”
  • “Karen has a lot to do with Scarlett Byrne’s character.” 
  • Great storylines for women. Anne Glass is full on warrior.

Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Lexi is no longer a baby when the season begins.
  • The group splits up in the season premiere.  Lourdes goes with Lexi, Ben and Maggie. Anne’s with Anthony. Tom is on his own and meets up with Weaver. Pope and Drew are in a ghetto. Matt is in a youth camp.
  • Anne’s reunited with Lexi, but they don’t know if she’s good or bad. 
  • Lexi is the focal point of the season. Anne’s convinced that Lexi is good.
  • Lourdes goes back to her religious self in the aftermath of being taken over by an alien. She’s a very fanatical. 
  • Lourdes and Lexi have a strong connection.
  • Lexi exploits everyone’s love for her.
  • Anne and Tom are still together. They have more fights. Anne’s a soldier now. She’s not just a doctor and has changed. They argue about their daughter a lot.
  • Tom has not bonded with Lexi and doesn’t accept her. Everyone questioned whether he’s giving his daughter special treatment.
  • Lourdes has become obsessed with not being the person she was under the eye worm. She tries to be the peaceful one. She a religious person who takes her crusade a little too serious.

Falling Skies season 4 premieres Sunday, June 22 at 10 pm ET on TNT.

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