On this week’s episode of The Originals, an old enemy returns to exact revenge on Klaus. Elijah tries to convince Rebekah to forget her vendetta against their brother. Cami and Marcel reconnect as he continues to mourn Davina. A forlorn Sophie helps the Original family. And a war between the witches and the vampires is brewing (pun intended).

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A Dark Power Emerges

Now that the witches have finally regained some power, we get a look at a bit of their history. Around the time that the Original family set up housekeeping in New Orleans, a powerful witch named Papa Tunde (Owiso Odera) arrived, his reputation preceding him. He warned the witches of the Quarter that a dark power was coming, and their city was already being overrun with pirates, beasts and vampires.

In addition to practicing ancestral magic, Papa practices sacrificial magic, drawing power from his offerings. He offers to use his strength to help the locals on two conditions: 1) That they accept his two creepy-looking twin sons as part of their coven and 2) That they recognize him as their leader.

At another gathering, Elijah and Klaus are brokering a bootlegging deal with a crime family who also happen to be werewolves. Papa Tunde crashes the party and makes it clear that the witches expect their own piece of the pie. As a parting gift, he leaves the head of the mayor.

Family Squabbles

Klaus returns from Mystic Falls refreshed from his illicit dalliance with Caroline. Thierry is a free man, and Marcel is still mourning Davina.

Klaus tells his inner circle, all of whom are on loan from Marcel, that with Davina gone, they have no way to monitor what naughty acts those pesky witches might be up to. Not knowing the full story, he assumes their magic will soon disappear completely. Until such time, he wants to keep the witches on their toes and orders a rousting in the Cauldron.

Elijah takes Klaus’ pardoning of Thierry as progress. Beks reveals to her big brother that it was she who orchestrated Thierry’s release. She also tells him that even though Klaus freed him, Thierry still hates his new lord and master. Elijah questions Rebekah’s motives, and aside from the vampire’s dislike of Klaus, he also has knowledge of French Quarter covens. She hopes he might be able to aid her in finding out where all that pent-up harvest magic disappeared to.

Rebekah hopes to become an ally of whoever stole all that power so she doesn’t have to live under her brother’s thumb. Why she just doesn’t leave the city and avoid him altogether remains a mystery.

Elijah is disappointed in Rebekah’s behavior and asks her to, in the very least, not provoke Klaus if she can’t support him.

A Familiar Threat

Marcel refuses to participate in any of Klaus’ hijinks, and we all know how displeased Klaus can get when he doesn’t get his way. He fears Marcel is setting a bad example for the minions by shirking his responsibilities. Not to mention he’s grown bored with Marcel’s moroseness. The discovery of two dead vamps (no stakes required) in the Cauldron only serves to send him scurrying off. He points out to Klaus and the other vampires a mysterious symbol on the bodies and warns that it is tied to “bad mojo.” He urges them all to return to the compound.

Thierry finds a symbol, presumably the same one, down by the docks and brings Rebekah to see it. She recognizes it immediately and tells Thierry it is tied to a very powerful witch. She thinks it’s the work of a copycat and believes that whoever is responsible wants them to find it.

Papa Tunde appears and it’s clear the two know one another. Beks tries to attack but is brought to her knees by the reincarnated witch. Thierry takes off as Papa performs what looks to be some nasty little spell on Rebekah.

At the compound, Elijah investigates one of the bodies, and Klaus is out for blood. Elijah is troubled by the appearance of such dark magic in the quarter. Klaus recognizes it as the signature of a fool who once stood against them and now thinks one of the Quarter witches is salvaging old tricks. He orders Diego to gather all the vampires and bring the head of the offending witch to him on a stick. Kind of a tall and vague order, very Devil Wears Prada of him.

Diego breaks the bad news that the vampires are a bunch of scaredy cats now that the witches are flexing a little muscle. Seems they all became a bit soft under Marcel’s reign. They’ll see no such mercy from Klaus, who tells them Marcel has run off like a scared child.

Klaus tries to gather recruits with a Braveheart pep talk but fails miserably and is forced to handle it himself.

Romantic Entanglements

Marcel shows up at Rousseau’s looking for Sophie only to find Cami. She warns him not to try anything because she’s discovered the benefits of vervain. Marcel praises her for breaking free of Klaus’ compulsion but lets her know he’s there to seek counsel for witch problems. He breaks the news to Cami of Davina’s demise. Cami seems to be a sucker for those bad boys with emotional problems.

Elijah comes across Hayley in Davina’s room going through her drawings. She is still curious about all of the drawings of Celeste. After coming so close to sharing their first kiss, Hayley accuses Elijah of avoiding her. Elijah tells her he’s sorry if she feels neglected but that he has been preoccupied with quarreling siblings. He also reminds her that, to keep Klaus from becoming infuriated, it’s best they keep their interactions to a minimum.

Cami and Marcel bond but, sensing Cami wants to exact revenge on Klaus, warn her with a cautionary tale that involves none other than Papa Tunde.

The Tale of Papa Tunde

After choosing immortality over Rebekah, Marcel went off to fight in the first world war. He returns to New Orleans and arrives at a party being thrown by Klaus. Rebekah gives him the brush off, but Elijah and Klaus are pleased to be reunited with their old friend. They explain their current predicament on how to deal with new resident Papa Tunde. Elijah wants to negotiate while Klaus would rather fight. Marcel gets a look at the witch in the flesh when he arrives at the soiree, an invited guest of Klaus’.

Marcel tells Cami that he didn’t understand why Klaus would play gracious host to a man he intended to kill. But then he realized that it was all part of Klaus’ grand plan. He was learning the witch’s strengths and weaknesses, getting him to let his guard down.

So what became of big Papa? He claimed he wanted to empower the witches, but his real desire was for money and land, both things that would increase his power. After Klaus and Elijah deny him, Papa goes on a rampage, killing humans, werewolves and witches who opposed him.

Elijah offers a truce, but Klaus has another idea. Determining that Papa got his powers from his twin sons, Klaus kills them both. Then there’s some eye gouging and Papa is done preaching.

It Takes a Witch to Know a Witch

Klaus encounters a drunken Sophie wandering in the Cauldron and demands answers. Sophie takes a look around the scene of the crime and tells Marcel it’s a complex spell, sacrificial magic. She tells Marcel that his dead vampires were an offering to gain more power.

The Search for the Original Sister

Elijah worries when he can’t reach his sister. Hayley asks if he’s worried that she may have encountered whatever killed the daywalkers. He responds that he’s more concerned that she’s involved. He tells Hayley that Beks is displeased with Niklaus, and he can see her conspiring with others. At that moment, he spots Thierry in the corner and asks why Rebekah is so drawn to him given that she’s not usually interested in ordinary men. Just a little persuading from Elijah and Thierry tells of the man by the docks who desiccated his little sis with just a touch. He and Phoebe decide to go together and try to find Rebekah.

An Eye for an Eye

Papa Tunde is also holding a grudge against Marcel because he pays him a visit at Rousseau’s where he’s with Cami waiting for Sophie. Marcel tries to be chivalrous and orders Cami to run, but she stupidly decides to stay. Marcel tries taking down Papa with the reliable neck snap but fails. Papa informs him that he’s channeling the power of an Original (all the mojo with Rebekah explained), and soon, he’ll have all three. Even though Marcel didn’t play a part in Papa’s beef with the Mikaelson brothers, Papa plans to sacrifice him as well. Cami tries to help Marcel and calls him.

Papa only wants Marcel because Klaus has an emotional attachment to him and considers him a son. Good thing this warlock has been out of the loop, or he’d be sure to go after the real thing safely tucked away inside Hayley. Just as Papa is about to kill Marcel, Klaus swoops in to save the day. He soon realizes that it won’t be so easy to get rid of Papa this time around.

Breaking the Link

Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah but are unable to help her due to a boundary spell. Elijah knows someone is channeling her, usually a lethal process unless you’re an Original. Because she can’t die, she provides an endless source of power.

Elijah calls Sophie to explain his predicament. She says he can break the spell by adding a more potent ingredient or mystical binding agent. Elijah figures the blood of a witch will do. Hayley’s baby is a quarter witch, so Hayley agrees to donate. It works, and he’s able to break the link between his sister and Papa. This also saves his brother.

Marcel is in dire need of human blood. Klaus orders Cami to fetch him some innocent stranger off the street, but she volunteers herself instead. No doubt this vexes Klaus knowing that she would never make that sacrifice for him.

Almost everyone is rescued, but this setback doesn’t stop Papa Tunde from continuing to mark his territory all over the Cauldron.

Rebekah and Marcel Share Many Secrets

Marcel did omit a rather important part of the history between Papa Tunde and Klaus. He brought the witch to town figuring someone as powerful as Papa might chase Klaus off or keep him distracted. His motivation? Supposedly, he did it for a chance at love with Rebekah. Rebekah, who falls for every line despite always winding up jilted and disappointed, confides in Marcel that only their father Mikael yields the power to vanquish Klaus from the city. We don’t know all the ins and outs of how this plan failed, but we do know the end result.

Let the Right Ones In

Klaus once again tries to rally the troops and meets with much greater success. Also in his corner, for as long as he needs her, is Sophie. She explains that somebody jacked the power during the harvest and brought back four witches, just not the right ones.

With Papa Tunde’s power in Celeste’s hands and three more resurrected witches on the loose, what’s in store for Klaus and company?

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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