The Following season 2 includes a storyline shift and many new characters, including the twins Luke and Mark. In a shocking moment, it was revealed that it wasn’t only one man who killed a girl and played with her after her death. It was a pair of twins.

At the FOX All-Star Party at the Television Critics Association Press Tour this month, I spoke with Sam Underwood about joining The Following season 2 and playing the twins. Read on for edited excerpts from the conversation

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Who is Luke?

Sam Underwood: Luke is a very complex individual. Very dangerous. He has a lot of charm about him and a bit narcissistic and you can expect a lot of mischief out of his endeavors over the season.

What is Luke’s relationship to Joe Carroll?

The reason Luke enters season 2 is for a very specific reason related to Joe Carroll but he’s not a Joe Carroll follower. It’s for a brand new reason. A whole new storyline, which is really wonderful. He’s a new kid on the block, so to speak. He’s completely flying on his own.

What are Luke’s thoughts of and fascination with Joe Carroll?

I don’t think he sees him as an equal. I think he sees him as competition. Luke is very about himself. I don’t think you can put two narcissists together or have one narcissist want to be around another narcissist. There’s a competitiveness there.

What does Luke think about Ryan Hardy?

He’s a plaything. He’ll be a fun mouse to chase. Yep. Fun.

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Does Luke know about Emma?

The whole premise of season 2 is that we start year later. The Havenport Tragedy from season 1 is very well known. There’s a book about it. Emma Hill is a well-known wanted person in America. Luke knows all about the ins-and-outs of Joe Carroll’s cult.

What’s the relationship between Luke and his brother, Mark?

They are identical twins and have a very unique relationship. They have a very special bond. They are able to read each other in ways that normal brothers and sisters aren’t able to. So they are very close, but they are so incredibly different as characters. 

Luke loves being in the spotlight and the narcissist in him. Whereas Mark is much more reserved and quiet. He thinks before he acts, whereas Luke has more of an impulsive quality to him. It’s fun to balance those two people out and have them work off each other and support each other.

In the bedroom scene, are there clues people should go back and look for to see which brother is which?

All I’ll say is — look at the hair.

Is Mark subservient to Luke?

Yes and no. They have a really good trade off as twins and brothers do. There may be on the surface a leader of the group in Luke, but Mark is able to control Luke at certain points as well. It’s really wonderful to play with that quality between the two brothers. There’s not a definite leader, even though the audience may think that.

When Luke meets the others in the hotel room, there’s a power struggle. Does he believe he’s better than everyone else in the room even though he’s new?

I think that Luke always knows in his mind he has the power in the room. He enters the room and he owns the room. That’s his quality. Absolutely.

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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