The second episode of The Following season 2 explains what Joe Carroll has been doing for the last year. It also shows how, despite trying to “reform” himself, he can’t help who he is when his cover is blown. Meanwhile, the twins Mark and Luke taunt Ryan, which frustrates the FBI as they try to figure out the latest killings.

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A Not-So-New Life

Joe Carroll has settled in Arkansas, where he lives with a new lady friend, Miss Judy (Carrie Preston). She was a groupie who wrote Joe in prison and works as a prostitute to support her teen daughter, Mandy (Tiffany Boone). He’s keeping a low profile and communicates with some of his “friends” via classified ads. His cover is blown when a client of Judy’s, a reverend, recognizes him.

He’s faced with a dilemma: does he kill him or beg for forgiveness? He goes with the former, and scares Mandy who watches him do it. She does seem oddly fascinated with his past, so perhaps she’s a new recruit? After all, she’s the one who knocks out the reverend before Joe killed him.

Ryan Hardy is Still Obsessed

After his run-in with Carlos Perez, Ryan Hardy is more than obsessed with finding Joe. It has consumed him, so much so that he consistently follows his own leads without notifying the FBI, even at the urging of his niece Max.

Ryan checks up on Lily Day, the only surviving victim of the train attack. Which was really a mistake on his part, and he finds that out later on.

Meanwhile, the killing twins Luke and Mark, played by the wonderful Sam Underwood, head over to kill again and set up another scene straight from Joe’s novels. Just as in last week’s episode with the dancer Heather, the pair act as if the dead people are alive, calling them mom and dad. In addition, they prepare a full meal and sit at the table and eat with the corpses before the scene is set. All the while, the dead couple’s child hides in a closet upstairs.

As Ryan is confronted by his niece, he gets a call from Luke who lures him to the next crime scene. Of course, the FBI is furious that Ryan went out on his own and didn’t inform anyone. While at the scene, though, Luke calls again and lets Ryan know that he’s at Lily’s art gallery gala. Ryan again rushes to the scene to “save” Lily without letting anyone know. He gets there just in time and has a scuffle with both Mark and Luke. They run off, but not before Ryan fires a few shots, hitting one of them. 

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Trying to Find Joe Carroll

We can’t forget our good friend Emma. She’s been hiding out in New Jersey, also obsessed with the recent killings in New York. She tracks down Carlos on the Joe Carroll hotline that’s been set up, I’m assuming in the hopes that Joe will call. When Emma mentions to Carlos that Joe is dead, he immediately hangs up on her, which gets her wheels turning. She was, after all, Joe’s protege last season.

The more that Ryan goes off on his own, the more he annoys me. Though I understand why he does what he does. He knows that by getting the FBI involved immediately will turn the new killers off. It’s amazing the obsession that Ryan has with Joe. He’s the one that got away, several times.

I also really liked how Joe has tried for a year to redeem himself and start over. But when his cover is blown, he can’t help himself. He needs to kill. And he loves it. However, it’s clear that even while he hides out, he has contact with some of his cult via the online classifieds — a perfect way to keep The Following going.

And those twins. They are just twisted. Luring Ryan, taunting him, all the while enjoying themselves killing and acting normal. Not to mention that they don’t seem phased when they get shot. I’m pretty psyched to see where this season goes and how it all ties together.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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