In this week’s episode of The Originals, the Originals allow the witches to celebrate an important event. Things turn ugly between Genevieve and Klaus. Marcel makes a bold play against the Original brothers. And Elijah and Klaus quarrel over Hayley.

It’s been weeks since we’ve visited the French Quarter, and it doesn’t appear as if much has changed. Klaus is still painting and engaging in coitus with that horrible Ginger witch Genevieve. But the wheels have been turning in Klaus’ head, and after a short time mourning little sis, he’s back in the game.

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The Back-Up Plan

Convinced that Elijah’s treaty can’t tread water, he’s already scheming to make sure he benefits if and when it all comes apart. He tells Genevieve that he can offer her and the other witches protection. He promises that no vampires, werewolves or even Elijah will mess with them if Klaus is on their side. All Klaus claims to want in return is allegiance. After all, one never knows when a powerful witch might come in handy. 

Au Revoir Genevieve

The Harvest girls have continued honing their skills when Monique gets a message from the dead ancestors: it’s time to complete the Reaping. It’s time for the fourth Harvest girl to be resurrected. For that to happen, Genevieve must die.

Speaking of Genevieve, she requests that the witches be allowed to resume celebrating their Feast Days, in particular one known as the Feast of the Blessings. She explains to Elijah that in the past, people offered the witches gifts in exchange for blessings. Genevieve would like to use it as a coming out party of sorts for the Harvest girls.

Elijah’s still chafed at Genevieve and her coven for their misdeeds, and therefore not inclined to grant permission. Genevieve states that she made amends with Klaus, but Elijah isn’t interested in making “amends” with Genevieve. She tells him to think it over, probably confident that Klaus will make it so. And he does. He tells Elijah the tourists love a good festival, and the event would be a good way to cement solidarity between themselves and the witches.

Elijah is both nauseated and unsettled by the relationship between his brother and Genevieve. He points out that Klaus might want to be paying a bit more attention to his baby mama. Klaus points out that Hayley is werewolf royalty and far safer in the bayou with her pack than in the Quarter. Klaus assures his brother that he will bring Hayley home before the birth because no child of his will be born in a swamp.

Klaus Conspires Behind Elijah’s Back

Getting a moonlight ring is going to require some serious indentured servitude to Klaus, and Oliver has already been given an assignment. Klaus want him to find a wolf named Cary (Jesse Boyd) who is a direct descendent of Klaus’ biological father. Presumably the same guy that Beks and Elijah discovered while protecting the wolves that Klaus had ordered to be slaughtered. Oliver explains that werewolves are arriving from far and wide to get a look at Hayley and/or the baby, so it’s going to make finding one guy challenging to say the least. Klaus doesn’t concern himself with the hows, he just wants results. He’s very The Devil Wears Prada in that way.

He also makes it clear that the werewolves will be in attendance for the witches’ celebration. Klaus wants Elijah to believe his truce is working.

Caught Between Two Vampires

Just because Klaus has been keeping company with Genevieve doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his second favorite blonde, Cami. He visits her at Rousseau’s and tells her he can get Genevieve to help the still-hexed Kieran. Cami questions Genevieve’s motives but, with no other options, reluctantly gives Klaus and Genevieve carte blanche when it comes to her uncle.

Marcel hears that Klaus has paid a visit to Cami from his spy Thierry, and he’s less than pleased. He knows the witches are already spying on Cami and worries what Klaus might do if he finds out about their one night stand.

The Rebel Alliance

Marcel and Thierry haven’t had much success in recruiting an army, but Marcel gets an A for effort. He knows Klaus has something going with the witches behind Elijah’s back. He is confident if he can get proof, he can stir up a distraction. Thierry reminds Marcel that he’s banished from the city, and Elijah will kill him on the spot if he sets foot in the Quarter. Marcel believes 1,000 years of Original family drama trumps his indiscretion.

A Temporary Pardon

Monique breaks the news to Genevieve that it’s time to sacrifice herself. Genevieve says she’ll be more than happy to, but just not quite yet. Monique argues that the ancestors made it clear that the time is now, so the witches can possess the full power generated from completing the Harvest.

She tells the girls that she doesn’t like answering to Elijah. Before she “takes her leave,” she wants to make sure the witches have the power to control their own fate. Genevieve wants to steal Esther’s (the Original witch) spell book, full of spells that will guarantee the coven will never fall under vamp subjugation again. 

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An RSVP is Just a Formality

Elijah makes the rounds to the other factions “requesting” their attendance at the Feast. And doesn’t come empty-handed. Hayley is dead-set against going. She’s still holding a grudge regarding a) the curse they placed on her pack, and b) all the crappy stuff they’ve done to her since she arrived in NOLA.

Since Ollie and Jackson are secretly working with Klaus, they are more amenable to making an appearance. Their uncharacteristic cooperativeness makes Elijah suspicious, and he warns Hayley not to trust them.

Ollie manages to sniff a few hundred butts and locate Cary. He delivers him to Klaus at St. Anne’s. Since Klaus didn’t specify how Oliver was to treat the wolf, Oliver wasn’t exactly an amicable escort. Klaus scolds him, but Oliver points out that there’s been bad blood between their packs forever, and he doesn’t owe Cary a thing. Klaus points out that that kind of short-sighted attitude is what led to the demise of the woods. They are kind of a rough and tumble bunch, like the Hatfields and McCoys of the werewolf realm.

Oliver holds the witches and Marcel accountable, but Klaus blames their lack of unity. This is in contrast to the speech he gave Jackson just weeks ago about how the werewolves’ strength is in their loyalty to family. Make up your mind. Klaus encourages Oliver that to rebuild, the Crescent wolves need to unite with other packs.

It’s not much of a family reunion since all Klaus wants from Cary is to find out what type of stone the ring used to hold. Ahhhh, making promises of moonlight rings before he can actually fulfill them. Cary is clueless, but Klaus asks Cary to make some inquiries.

Klaus asks Genevieve about Kieran, but she insists there’s nothing she can do. But it does occur to her that his mother was a very powerful witch, and the key to saving Kieran could be in her spell book. Nice try, sweetie, but you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to outfox an Original. He sees right through her ruse. She argues that the book means nothing to him, but with it, she could solidify her place in her coven. Genevieve doesn’t take his refusal well, and he doesn’t like her using Kieran as leverage. The two have a lover’s spat, and just like that, New Orleans’ most eligible bachelor is back on the market. He’s also got a spurned ex with some serious powers to worry about.

Let the Blessings Begin

The Feast of Blessings starts with a parade and some parlor tricks from the Harvest girls. Genevieve, convinced the Mikaelson compound will be vacant thanks to the distraction, sends someone to try and locate Esther’s book.

Even though Davina is practicing magic again, Monique still considers her an outcast. Every offering is placed in front of the other two Harvest girls, an obvious and very public slight to Davina. The night isn’t a total bust, though. Klaus pardons Josh for his treachery to curry some favor with Davina and offers her a gift, the spell that makes daylight rings. Something tells me this has something to do with those moonlight rings.

There Will Be No Peace

Marcel may not have much to work with, but he manages, without even being present, to create chaos at the party. Jackson might be trying to woo Hayley, but when she falls during the confusion, it is Elijah she calls out to for help. This does not go unnoticed by Klaus.

Elijah manages to find Marcel, and it gives Marcel just enough time to let Elijah know that he’s got something going with the witches and the werewolves. Marcel also seems convinced that Elijah won’t kill him because it would upset Klaus. There must be some truth to that, or Klaus would have done it himself when he had the chance. All this time, I though Klaus was just mooning over Beks, but he’s probably been blue missing his bestie as well.

Too bad Marcel didn’t foresee that Elijah wouldn’t hesitate to rip Thierry’s heart from his chest. No big loss. That guy was the worst lackey ever. Don’t mess with the bull, Marcel, you’ll get the horns.

The Black Cat is Out of the Bag

Elijah isn’t the only one doling out punishments. Klaus offers Genevieve a gift under the pretense as a peace gesture after their quarrel. Inside a box, she finds the hands of the man she foolishly sent to steal the spell book. Despite this setback, she informs Klaus that it is he who should fear her. Once again, Genevieve throws Kieran’s fate in his face, but he promises that if Cami’s uncle dies, Genevieve will too. Genevieve saves the best for last by letting Klaus know that Cami had bumped uglies with Marcel. This leaves the otherwise glib Original speechless.

Elijah confronts Klaus about his back-alley dealings, but Klaus swears it was nothing more than a family council. He tells his brother he thought he would support Klaus’ desire to help the werewolves and, in turn, Hayley. The two tangle over Hayley, but Elijah is done fighting his desires out of a misguided allegiance to Klaus. From now on, he’ll take what he wants.

Marcel may be down but never out. The more powerful Hayley becomes, the more of a threat she poses to both Elijah and Klaus, but both sides of Hayley’s baby’s family tree are going to have to work against their biggest threat yet: protecting Little Wolf’s pup.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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