This week’s Once Upon a Time is going to revisit Hook’s time after he lost Emma. We know he kept his memory, but where was he? Ariel is back and we also have been hearing hints that Blackbeard shows up. Hey, that’s a real-life pirate! And will Captain Swann come closer in this episode or will we have to wait?

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Hook: Enchanted Forest

In the Enchanted Forest, gold is hijacked by a knight in armor. What knight? I recognize that voice — Hook. Smee and his band are with him and they’re back to being pirates.

After a successful raid, they visit the local tavern where his crew provides entertainment for their captain. Don’t do it, Killian! What about Emma? Oh, Hook sends the woman on her way. There’s hope for Captain Swan yet. Wait a minute … who just hit him over the head? Ariel is mad.

Ariel wants answers. She thinks Hook kidnapped Eric, but Hook is innocent for once. After getting her knife, she explains she knows it was his ship and has the knife to prove it. Hook looks at the hilt and realizes that Blackbeard has his ship. He gathers his crew to retrieve the ship, but guess who is joining them? Ariel decides to sail the seas.

As they set off on their quest, Ariel gets upset over Eric’s cloak getting ripped. Blackbeard is the real fear (if I remember my history). Hook hints that Blackbeard probably has killed Eric, but Ariel does not believe it. Hook tells her he is a pirate and always will be.

At the ship, Hook and Blackbeard fight for the Jolly Roger while Ariel looks for Eric. Hook defeats Blackbeard (maybe this is when he gets Queen Anne’s Revenge) and Blackbeard wants it finished. Ariel stops Hook. Blackbeard boasts that Hook is no longer a pirate. He will reveal Eric’s deserted island if Hook will relinquish the Jolly Roger.

Ariel begs Hook to give up the ship. Hook pushes Blackbeard overboard and declares the Jolly Roger his. Ariel is upset and calls Hook selfish. Ariel jumps in and swims off to find Eric. So is Eric still alive?

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Emma and Charming are putting a crib together while Snow worries about Zelena. Well, Regina’s family now. Regina has a protection spell which should work against “greenie” (I love this term). Emma decides that it will take both of their magic to defeat the Wicked Witch, but Regina tells her it will be done on her terms. Emma is to meet Regina at her vault.

While Charming and Snow aren’t happy, Emma decides that Henry needs to spend some time away from the family. She drops him off at the dock where Smee has been trying to convince Hook to leave. Smee wants to steal a ship, but Hook tells him the monkeys will just follow them. (Hmm! Could Eric be a flying monkey?) As Emma and Hook talk, she tells him that Henry needs New York. It’s his normal. Hook tells her he spent a year trying to find normal to only learn that you can’t go back to the old life.

As Snow and Charming walk the shore, something has washed up. Ariel is back and she doesn’t seem to remember anything. Ariel has been looking for Eric and can’t find him. Since Hook has his memories, he takes Ariel to Gold’s where they find Eric’s charm. After using magic, Eric’s cloak starts to float and leads them to the sea where it sinks into the water.

At the vault, Regina is going to start with a foundation. Emma can’t seem to grasp it, so Regina decides to make Emma use her emotions. Regina takes her to a hanging bridge and tells her she must save herself. As the bridge disintegrates, Regina urges Emma to put it back together or die. Emma falls but flies back up with the bridge in pieces. Emma’s magic is connected with emotions, folks. What does that mean for greenie? The end, I hope. By the way, Regina is upset with Emma for wasting her potential.

Ariel is upset because Eric is lost to the sea, but Hook tells her it is a fitting end for a sailor. She puts a guilt trip on Hook (now being called Killian) and he confesses all that happened in the enchanted world. Ariel demands to know who broke his heart and he tells her it’s Emma.

Wow! With a green poof of smoke, old greenie appears. She can use this information to destroy the Charmings and get Emma’s power. Hook cannot use Emma’s name or kiss her until they get rid of greenie. Zelena really wants to turn Henry into a flying monkey (no jokes, please). I am really getting tired of the Wicked Witch.

Hook goes to the apartment to see Snow and Charming, but Regina and Emma are there. He tells them that Ariel has gone to join Eric and said goodbye. Regina gets the magic mirror out and has Emma search inside herself and use the mirror. They see Eric and Ariel on Hangman’s Island having a happy life. The rest of the family return and, on hearing the news, decide to go to Granny’s for dinner.

As Hook starts to leave, Emma stops him. They both realize they can’t live in the past. At the diner, he watches the family have dinner together.

Next week, get ready for childhood memories and family. And does another death happen due to a “deadly mistake” at Regina’s? 


Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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