This week, Bones gets very cold as the team investigates a body they discover has been cryogenically frozen, and by the end of the case, things have taken a turn I’m not used to with this show.

Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo are going strong, but they have hit a bit of a snag when his parents come to town and want to meet his girlfriend. Then there’s Booth, who may or may not be up for a promotion, which may not necessarily be a good thing.

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Put on Your Parka for This Case

Considering what show this is, when “The Cold in the Case” opens up in an idyllic neighborhood, I’m just waiting for the potential buyers to find human remains, and the swamp the real estate agent is showing them as the site of their future home screams “Someone’s dead in here!” I’m right, and it’s the cute dog that brings back part of a skull instead of a ball. That real estate agent is determined to make a sale, but she may be out of luck with this one.

The case gets a bit complicated, as signs point to three different times of death; there are frozen organs, and nothing quite makes sense until they figure out that their victim had been cryogenically frozen, leading to a few interesting conversations. Hodgins wisely decides not to use the word “cool” in order to preserve his sex life and Brennan’s brain is highly sought after.

At first, the victim’s ex-husband seems like a good prime suspect, especially with the restraining order and threat to kill her, but despite being pre-med in college, he’s not guilty. He and his ex-wife just didn’t agree about how to handle their daughter’s medical care, including the decision to cryogenically freeze her, leading Booth and Brennan to the cryogenic facility run by Noah and Michelle Summers. They point the finger in Tripp Warshaw’s direction, and despite having a motive and being the guy you wouldn’t want to cryogenically freeze you if you chose to go that route — he works out of his garage — he has an alibi.

Instead, the focus returns to Cryo Nova, as it turns out that Noah wanted more than just Madeline’s help with grant proposals for funding. He was in love with her, and while Michelle could’ve killed her out of jealousy, she only dumped her body to make room for new clients, revealed thanks to a microphone placed in Madeline’s skull. Noah had killed her, and his unique way of stitching helped prove it. However, he didn’t see it as murder because he was planning on reviving both her and her daughter. Oh, and he’s so sure that when she came back, she would’ve grown to love him. That’s a bit more disturbing than I’m used to with this show.

Cam Meets Arastoo’s Parents

Considering what they see at work every day, it’s actually nice to see them worried about something as common as meeting the parents. Cam and Arastoo’s morning in bed is interrupted by more than just the case once he mentions his parents are coming to town and want to meet her. They’re traditional and old school, which means it probably won’t go well, and after that, they become overly polite in the lab and it gets awkward.

Dinner goes about as well as things went for this week’s victim, and the more questions his parents ask Cam about her life, the more frustrated Arastoo gets. Sure, Angela is right that it’s sexy that Arastoo stands up, declaring he loves Cam and that’s all that matters, defending her, but they don’t even get to order any food before he’s dragged her away.

There is a happy ending here, as Arastoo’s parents show up and explain they’ve seen how their son has grown up from the kid who made wrong decisions and got into trouble. They’re proud of him, and they like his girlfriend. However, they do drop a bombshell: wedding talk. After all, when a man introduces a woman to his parents … forget tea. Cam needs a glass of scotch after that.

Listen to Your Gut, Booth

I’ll admit it. I’m worried about Booth’s future, at least career-wise, because he’s so good at what he does. Booth and Brennan’s relationship is going strong, and she’s even willing to relocate to Germany with him if she has to. The assistant director has Booth reviewing other agents’ files and has Sweets reviewing his test results, latest psych profile and military record, with all signs pointing to a possible promotion. However, that promotion would likely be running a new field office in Germany for two years, and Booth isn’t so sure this is a good thing.

Booth explains that his gut is telling him something, as the base of this new position is a staging ground for counterterrorism activity and covert operations. He thinks they want him to be a sniper again, and that’s something he won’t do with his new life and his family. While Brennan tells him he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t seem to believe that his “right” response is any indication. 

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