In this episode of The Originals season 3, “Heart Shaped Box,” Davina reaches out to Kol seeking an important ingredient in the de-linking spell and what she learns puts Hayley in the line of fire. Meanwhile, Cami is urged to embrace her vampire nature, Marcel has to choose a side, and Aurora kidnaps Freya in order to draw Klaus and Elijah into her trap.

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Klaus and Elijah Battle Aurora

With the threat of Aurora hanging over his head, Klaus is in a worse mood than usual which might explain why he all but orders Freya to keep doing locator spells until she finds Aurora. Alas, Aurora has been cloaked via spell so Freya has no luck in finding her until Aurora shows up in person. Aurora then drugs and kidnaps Freya to use her as bait against her brothers.

It does not take long for Klaus and Elijah to learn of Freya’s fate and that little message Aurora left behind suggests that Freya’s vision of being buried alive might come true sooner rather than later. The brothers head to a cabin in the woods where Aurora directed them. Klaus can tell Freya is no longer in the cabin, but it may hold answers to Aurora’s whereabouts, so Elijah stays behind to check out the cabin while Klaus goes off in search of their sister.

Klaus goes off to track Freya’s scent and finds a make-shift grave. He thinks he has located his sister but when he rips open the coffin, Freya is not there. Klaus then notices another dozen or more make-shift graves and he has no idea which one holds his sister. Freya, for her part, uses her Finn necklace to magic up some blood on a flower near the grave she’s in.

Meanwhile, Elijah runs into Aurora in the cabin. After taunting one another, Elijah realizes that Aurora is not going to kill him as she explains that she wants Klaus to witness his death. She later goes on to explain that Elijah is her chosen target because her brother is drowning over and over again at the bottom of the ocean for all eternity. Aurora knows that if she kills Elijah, Tristan will also die and be released from that torturous fate.

When Klaus and a recently rescued Freya arrive, Elijah warns them about the bullets. Aurora fires a shot but misses, thanks to Freya, and Klaus goes after her. Alas, Klaus and Aurora both hesitate to kill one another so by the time Elijah shows up, Aurora turns her attention back to her original target and shoots Elijah. While Klaus tends to his brother, Aurora escapes.

Elijah tells Klaus to go after Aurora but since the bullet is moving toward Elijah’s heart, Klaus needs to focus on saving his brother. Klaus manages to retrieve the bullet before it reaches Elijah’s heart and Elijah is fine. (While I think this show is capable of killing off several of the main characters, I never worry when Klaus or Elijah are in danger because I doubt the show would ever be bold enough to kill either of them. Because of that, there was no real tension in their fight with Aurora.)

Once the chaos is over, Klaus and Freya have a heart-to-heart when Klaus realizes that Freya is surprised he came for her. Klaus tells his sister that she is part of their family, always and forever. Elijah concurs and the trio decide that together they will destroy all of their many enemies.

Hayley Trains Cami

Earlier in the episode, Klaus visits Hayley by the make-shift grave she created for Jackson. (Hayley apparently buried Jackson’s heart under a tree so Hope would always have a place to visit Jackson.) Klaus asks Hayley to keeps tabs on Cami since Klaus has decided this is no longer his job.

Hayley stops by Cami’s place and they get into another argument. Hayley decides that talking is getting them nowhere, so she takes Cami to Marcel’s gym to give Cami some lessons in how to use her new-found vampire strength to defend herself. Hayley’s idea actually seems to work and Cami ends up thanking Hayley for giving her a much-needed kick in the butt. Alas, their day of bonding is cut short by some uninvited guests.

Davina Conjures Kol

Aya is getting impatient when it comes to the de-linking spell so she is not impressed when Davina tells her that they are missing a key ingredient. Davina says they need a binding agent to complete the spell and the only way to figure out what that binding agent is would be to talk to someone who knew Esther since Esther is the one who turned the Originals into vampires. Aya realizes this is Davina’s way of getting what she wants: Getting Kol out of witch purgatory. Unfortunately for Davina, Aya has a way for her to talk to Kol without having the Sisters do the resurrection spell. Aya pulls out a candle known as the Hand of Glory that will allow Davina to communicate with Kol by basically bringing his spirit over to this world, but only for as long as the candle is lit.

Once Kol arrives, there is very little time for romance, though Davina and Kol do their best to sneak in some cute moments. Davina question Kol about the binding agent but Kol is hesitant to reveal what Davina needs to know. (Kol has not changed his mind about not wanting Davia to work with Aya and the Sisters. At one point, he even tells Davina that Aya breaks all of her promises.)

Despite Kol not really telling her anything, Davina figures out that the ingredient she needs is a heart. Specifically, the spell requires the heart of an un-sired vampire. Unfortunately, there has only ever been one un-sired vampire: Hayley. Because the Sisters are listening in on Davina’s chat with Kol, Aya hears that Hayley is the key to the spell and she sends the Sisters to get Hayley’s heart. Marcel tries to stop them but Aya simply breaks his neck.

The Sisters Go After Hayley

The Strix witches, sans Davina, show up at the gym during Hayley and Cami’s sparring session. As the Sisters prepare to attack, Hayley tells Cami to leave. But since she and Hayley have been getting along so well, Cami stays and tries to use one of her dark objects against the witches. It works, but only for a moment. The Sisters then knock Cami out and focus all their attention on Hayley. They use magic to try to rip out her heart.

Luckily for Hayley, Davina will not let the Sisters kill her. Davina prepares to fight them herself but Kol has another idea. Since Davina is linked to the Sisters, anything that happens to her will also happen to them. Kol channels magic via the candle connecting him to this world and knocks Davina out. Because of their link, this also knocks out the Sisters attacking Hayley.

With the witches down, Aya shows up to take Hayley’s heart herself but Marcel intervenes. While Hayley is unconscious, Marcel tells Aya that he will find another way to get them what they need for the de-linking spell.

Later that night, Hayley fills Klaus and Elijah in on what happened. She tells them that they need to prepare because Aya and the Sisters will come back for her heart. That is, unless they come up with an alternative. (But if Hayley is the only un-sired vampire in all of history, what alternative could they find?)

This is when they remember that the unification ceremony at Hayley and Jackson’s wedding turned Jackson’s heart into a mirror of Hayley’s so they are practically identical. (A rather convenient twist, don’t you think?) Since the Mikaelsons will need the Strix and all the other vampires in New Orleans on their side in their fight against Aurora, they decide that they have to destroy Jackson’s heart so it cannot be used in the de-linking spell.

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Marcel Makes a Move

Alas, when Hayley and the Mikaelsons go to retrieve Jackson’s heart, it is gone. Hayley is horrified that someone would steal her husband’s heart and I am surprised they do not realize who has taken it. After all, no one knows the city as well as Marcel does. Yes, Marcel is the thief, but his creative alternative to needing Hayley’s heart will keep Hayley safe so I cannot be too angry with him for this “betrayal.” (Sadly, I doubt Hayley will feel the same way.)

Marcel delivers the heart to Aya and reminds her that he is just as invested in this de-linking spell as she is. He also lets her know that if she gets in his way again, he will end her life. (Isn’t Marcel the leader of the Strix now? Why does Aya still seem to be running things?)

Aya and Aurora Team Up

After her busy day of failing to kill the Mikaelsons, Aurora is approached by Aya. Aya says that even though Aurora has the means to kill the Mikaelsons, actually doing so will prove to be much harder. Aya proposes that they team up to take down their foes once and for all.

Given how powerful Klaus and Elijah are (and what a bad shot Aurora is) I understand why Aurora might need some help taking them down, but why does Aya need Aurora? Couldn’t she just gather her Strix army, kill Aurora and take the gun? After all, if Aya wants to kill Klaus and Elijah, she only needs the white oak bullets, right? Is there some other reason she needs Aurora as an ally?

What did you think of this episode of The Originals? How does Kol know that Aya never keeps her promises? What was the extent of their relationship? Do you like the friendship developing between Cami and Hayley? Wasn’t it nice of Hayley to leave Cami that beer “for the headache?” Are you as pleased as I am that Klaus finally seems to see Freya as his true sister? And what do you think of this alliance between Aya and Aurora? They are both as untrustworthy as they come, so I suspect one of them will break this new alliance before they even come close to taking down the Mikaelsons. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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