In hopes of getting his hand on a weapon they can use against Amara, Dean turns to Castiel — or who he thinks is Castiel — to send him back in time in Supernatural season 11 episode 14, “The Vessel.” Meanwhile in the present, the longer Lucifer is pretending to be Castiel around Sam, the more inevitable it becomes that that facade breaks.

Here are the moments that made Sam and Dean finding out the truth about Casifer unavoidable from “The Vessel.”

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Casifer Has the “Hello, Dean” and Castiel Voice Down …

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… but that seems to be the extent of Lucifer’s studying in pretending to be Castiel.

Casifer’s Lucky Sam and Dean Don’t Question Him About Why He Can Send Dean Back in Time But Not Teleport

It’s a “different system,” he tells them, and that’s apparently enough of an explanation.

Casifer Watches Sam and Dean as They Argue About Traveling Through Time with a Devilish Look on His Face

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He’s lucky that they’re too distracted to notice. He could do a much better job of hiding that.

Casifer’s Reaction to Dean Being Trapped Back in Time and Warding Keeping Him from Getting on the Sub

Sam suggests he take him back too so he can tell Dean about the warding. Casifer disagrees. “We’ll double down on what screwed us the first time. You’re really bringing your A ideas today. I can’t believe I lost it. Him. Can’t believe I lost Dean.” Sure, that’s how Castiel would react to his friend being trapped on a doomed submarine and Sam’s insistence to find something to save him.

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Casifer Rolls His Eyes So Hard It’s a Miracle Sam Doesn’t Catch Him as Sam Talks about Finding a Way to Help Dean

After Sam Finds a Spell Requiring an Archangel’s Power, Casifer Claims His “Strength May Surprise” Him

He thinks they should try it anyway. Casifer’s just lucky that Sam’s probably too distracted by his brother being in trouble to pick up on the fact that something’s off about his friend.

Casifer Cracks Up After Sam Offers to Let Him Touch His Soul as a Power Boost

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He can’t keep up the facade any longer and tells Sam he doesn’t need him anymore, comparing him to the girl who turned him down at prom to explain why he’s spared him all this time.

Casifer Thinks Dean Won’t See Through Him If He Brings Him Back and Sam’s Dead

“I’ll just say,” Casifer explains before going into his “Castiel” voice, “‘Dean, he knew the risks. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.'” Sure, that would work, Lucifer.

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Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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