In this episode of Colony, “Yoknapatawpha,” the Resistance gets more than they bargained for when they ambush Proxy Snyder’s motorcade, Katie finds herself in a bind when she tries to stay true to the Resistance and protect her husband simultaneously, and Snyder has news about Charlie.

Will, stuck in a car with Snyder as the Proxy’s motorcade heads to an unknown destination, questions Snyder on the point of his courtroom melodrama and the execution of Luis. Snyder’s reasoning is that he gave the people the illusion of justice and, while appeasing them, reminded the public that law and order will endure in the bloc. We know his primary motivation was to impress Helena and the Hosts.

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Will Foils Quayle’s Plans

Will believes that all Snyder did was piss people off by martyring Geronimo, but Snyder is confident that self-interest will win out. People are just happy to be alive and relatively free, and the Resistance will think twice before getting involved themselves.

Snyder is clueless to the fact that the Resistance has not been the least bit deterred and, in fact, have set their sights on him.

Broussard diverts the motorcade to a lesser populated route thanks to a fake construction site set up for this exact purpose. He shoots the three other Red Hats in the car, causing an accident that grinds the motorcade to a halt.

Whatever Quayle’s plans for Snyder, they are derailed by Will. He’s able to fight off the Red Hats long enough to climb into the driver’s seat. As skilled as Will is, he still almost gets his head blown off, but the Red Hat with the clear shot is Broussard, and he keeps his promise to Katie.

Will takes off with Snyder, and drones descend on the scene.

Will, realizing they aren’t out of danger yet, ditches the car and continues to flee with a reluctant Snyder on foot. Will makes it clear, as Snyder second-guesses every move Will makes, that if Snyder doesn’t want to get captured, tortured and killed, he’ll keep his mouth shut and do as he’s told.

Will, Snyder and Katie Take Refuge

Katie arrives at the Yonk. Her involvement in the attack on Snyder was limited to sitting on the periphery holding a stopwatch.

Will arrives at the bar with Snyder. He tells Katie they got ambushed. Will thinks it was a kidnapping attempt, but Snyder believes it’s a coup. Why else would all those Red Hats turn on him? When Will suggests they may have been members of the Resistance, Snyder is incredulous at the thought that terrorists were able to infiltrate Homeland Security.

Snyder refuses to let Will use his radio to alert the task force. He’s now completely paranoid and doesn’t want anything going out over the air. Snyder assures Will that those who are still loyal to him will be hitting the streets looking for him soon enough. Will tells Snyder that that better be the case because whoever organized this hit has put a lot of time and resources into it. They will be going door-to-door looking for the Golden Goose.

None of the landlines are working, but Katie tells Will there’s a pay phone a few blocks away. A working pay phone? What year is this?

Katie discovers that Will is injured and volunteers to go herself, but Snyder insists she can’t leave. Will was just grazed by a bullet fragment and isn’t in danger of bleeding to death, so he’s determined to head out, find that phone and call in the cavalry.

Snyder isn’t thrilled to be left behind, but he’s too much of a pussy to tag along, so he stays with Katie. She suggests he might be safer waiting it out in the back office.

Katie Plots Behind Will’s Back

Quayle’s cell return to their hideout, and as expected, the outcome is not what they had hoped. Quayle wants to know what went wrong, and Broussard informs him that Will was with Snyder, pulled some cowboy shit and got Snyder out. Broussard wants to reconsider their options, but Quayle insists they cannot walk away.

Katie contacts Broussard and lets him know that Snyder is at the Yonk. She also reinforces the fact that Will remains off-limits. Katie warns them that they don’t have much time, and Broussard heads out.

Katie Gathers Intel

Katie uses her time alone with Snyder to find out a bit more about how he rose to power under the new regime. She mentions some conspiracy theories that suggest the Arrival and all that has followed had been in the works for decades, and our government was complicit.

Snyder tells Katie he was a provost at Stanford University. “They” (Raps? Collaborators?) needed someone who could get their arms around a new form of government and bring about order and control, quickly and peacefully.

Katie questions if they came to him before the Arrival, but Snyder says if was after. Katie wonders why they would choose him and not public officials with experience, but Snyder doesn’t know.

Katie asks how Snyder got to Los Angeles, and he says they relocated him. He admits there are seven colonies that he knows about, spread throughout California, Oregon and Washington. Katie’s doing a pretty stellar job at gathering intel without using torture.

As for the land that exists between the colonies? Snyder assures Katie that it’s somewhere she does not want to be.

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Trust the Devil You Know

Their heart-to-heart is interrupted by Will returning. Help is on the way, but it will take about 20 minutes.

Katie administers first aid to her hubby out of Snyder’s earshot. Any reason to show Josh Holloway with his shirt off, right? She asks Will if he thinks this attack was retribution for Geronimo’s followers, but Will tells her no; Geronimo wasn’t the folk hero everybody thinks he was. Katie wants to know more, but Will leaves it at that.

Katie urges Will to turn Snyder over to whoever is looking for him. Will doesn’t see the point. If Snyder dies, another bureaucrat with an agenda just replaces the Proxy Governor. Better to stick with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. They exit the restroom to find Snyder hovering.

Realizing the precariousness of his current predicament, Snyder tells Katie and Will that Charlie is alive. Will wants to know if Snyder is bringing Charlie back, but Snyder admits he doesn’t have the power to navigate the inter-colony politics on his own. The one person who can bring Charlie home is Helena, who Snyder was supposedly taking Will to meet when they were ambushed.

Katie questions Snyder’s honesty and intentions, but he swears he wants to help them, but he has to make it out of this predicament to keep the ball rolling.

A Close Call

Broussard arrives, beating on the door. Katie answers while Will stands out of sight. The two go through the motions of not knowing each other or why he’s there. He’s just your ordinary Red Hat looking for a missing person, demanding to be let inside. Will takes off towards the back, and Katie opens the door.

Broussard insists on Katie showing him the storage area in the basement, and they close the door, leaving Will upstairs.

Katie tells Broussard that Snyder is in the men’s room, and Will called Special Ops, the Red Berets, who are on their way. Broussard says they have to get to him first. Katie points out that Will is upstairs. Broussard informs her that Quayle sees Snyder as a priority. And if she can’t get him out, Quayle’s coming in. She needs to get Snyder out the back door and this all ends.

The two emerge from the basement, and Broussard acts as if everything is fine. After he leaves, Snyder questions if they fooled the guy, and Will points out that Snyder left his suit jacket on a chair. If the mystery Red Hat/Resistance member saw it, they’ll definitely be coming back.

Will’s big plan is to wait the remaining seven minutes for help to arrive and shoot anyone who comes through the door.

Snyder, sensing Katie’s lack of enthusiasm that her husband is risking his life to save him, makes a veiled threat about Charlie. Katie uses this an an excuse to attack him and try and push him out the back door where a swarm of Resistance members are waiting. But Will stops her at the last minute.

Snyder tells Katie that those plotting to overthrow him are far worse than she believes him to be, and he is genuinely trying to help her.

Katie Makes a Choice

Quayle has lost patience waiting for Katie and orders Broussard to get Snyder. Will spots a Red Hat through the front window but can’t be sure if it’s a good guy or bad guy. Snyder doesn’t understand how anybody with ill intent made it through the screening process. Every person in the colony was filtered through an algorithm. It’s how the Hosts knew who to select and what to do with them. Will questions if they got the data from the Rolodex, and Snyder nods. He tells Will they knew everything about them; the Hosts had the entire data record when they arrived.

Snyder says it’s how they found him. They thought he was the perfect candidate. Will asks if Snyder has met the Raps, and he says yes. When Will questions what they’re like, Snyder says the experience was humbling to realize just how insignificant “we” all are in the universe.

There are footsteps on the roof, and Will springs into action. He orders Snyder to stay in the office and gives Katie a gun and tells her to go to the basement. Katie wants to help, but Will tells her no. She has to stay safe for the kids. At least one of them is going home tonight.

The Resistance members enter the bar and a shootout ensues. Will gets cornered behind the bar by one of the Resistance, and Katie kills him to save her husband.

Broussard shows up last and threatens to kill Katie if she doesn’t drop her weapon. Will disarms his wife and tells Broussard, still disguised as a Red Hat, that Snyder is in the office. Broussard enters the room, but there’s no sign of Snyder and the back door is open.

Will heads into the alley after Broussard just as the real Homeland Security shows up. The Ops guys want to know where Snyder is, and Katie says he escaped. But Will pulled a fast one and hid Snyder in a cabinet behind the bar. The Proxy emerges, and he’s got his game face on. He’s tough now that he’s got his armed minions around him.

Katie Faces a New Threat

At home that night, Katie’s a bit out of sorts after the day’s events. Not only did she lie to her husband and almost got him killed, but she gunned down a member of the Resistance. Katie asks Will if she thinks Geronimo’s followers might come after them, but he tells her Geronimo is no terrorist. He’s just an ad-guy who lives in the Green Zone. Snyder’s trial was a total farce.

Will has to head out to catch the bad guys, but Katie is safe under the watchful eye of Homeland. Before Will leaves, he tells Katie she’s his hero.

Quayle and Broussard assess where they are. The cell has disbanded for now, and everyone has gone into hiding. Quayle believes Katie has been acting as a double agent, feeding them bullshit, so she could help Will take them apart. Broussard doesn’t look convinced, but with a bounty on his own head, will he be able to protect Katie from Quayle?

Colony airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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