A few more days before the premiere of season 9 of Smallville and we’re all ready to throw ourselves before the great Zod.  It’s not simply because he’s one epic villain in the comic-book universe; it’s also because the guy’s going to be portrayed by actor Callum Blue.

I became familiar with him while watching Bryan Fuller’s canceled series Dead Like Me, but apparently Callum Blue’s more famous than I thought.  He was already collecting souls on that series, could he be doing the same on this CW show?  Perhaps, but he won’t be spilling the beans too much until the new season airs.

The 32-year-old star recently talked to the press about his role on Smallville, and IESB.net managed to acquire some words from the new Zod.  Apparently, the antagonist has already made his mark on Callum Blue himself, back in the days of childhood.

“I remember the movie, from when I was a kid,” Blue revealed.  “I remember being terrified of him.  That steely coldness is not over the top.  It’s all in that movie.  He’s just calm, and that terrified me, when I was a kid.  So, I do remember it and I loved it.”

Well, he’s going to have plenty of time to savor the role.  “I signed for two years,” the actor explained.  “Out of the 22 episodes, I think I’m in 16 or 17.  It will be a major part of the show.  I think they’re definitely going to develop him more.”

One thing that the fans are looking forward to is Zod’s costume, but Callum Blue says the Smallville version of him might not live up to everyone else’s expectations.  Then it’s bound to be better, right?

“My costume, at the moment, is army fatigues because I have a whole army.  It’s like a Fascist Party, and I’m the leader of it, so we all have the same outfit with an arm band.  So, it’s a different take on the costume. I’m actually Major Zod, at the moment.  When I start growing into being General Zod, that’s when the costume will come in.”

Callum’s Zod right now is still on the process of being the feared one every Smallville geek is waiting for.  This season, we’re going to see the guy’s backstory first and see how he develops into the Kandorian bad guy.  “He’s just become aware of Jor-El being around and surviving,” he said.

“There’s definitely a human side of him.  He’s insecure.  There’s a reason why he’s a villain.  I just think there’s no such thing as villains.  I think it’s just a different perspective on life.  He knows what he wants.  He wants everybody to kneel before him.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: IESB.net
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Maria Gonzalez

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