“Cocktails”, the new Office episode which NBC aired last night, will go down as the episode when we all realized that Jan is a freak.  Jan and Michael’s relationship has always been a mystery, as in “Why would this seemingly sane person (Jan) want anything to do with a nutjob like Michael?”  We learned a little bit about Jan’s neuroses in the episode after they got back from Jamaica (the one where the warehouse guys blew up the picture of a topless Jan).  But now, finally, we understand the real reason Jan wants Michael: she is crazy.

The Office: Cocktails

Functionally crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  In the episode, Dunder-Mifflin’s CFO throws a cocktail party which Michael, Jan, Dwight, Jim, and Karen attend.  At one point (after a litany of your standard inappropriate comments from Michael), Jan tries to persuade Michael into having a little tryst in the bathroom.  It doesn’t end up happening, but we learn that Jan seems to be primarily interested in Michael for the sex.  Which is reasonable, I guess.

J.J Abrams (creator of Alias, Lost, Felicity) directed last night’s episode but, besides a couple of crafty camera moves, his work was mostly invisible, which is exactly what you want from a director on The Office.  Dwight spent the episode inspecting the CFO’s house, being exceptionally creepy while doing so.  As always, though, Dwight is hysterical.

Karen pulled a nice prank on Jim at the cocktail party, pretending that she had previously been involved with a number of other men at the party (including the CFO).  Jim thought he was coming to the sad realization that Karen was a…um…had been around the block, but she was just messing with him.  Funny stuff.

The biggest news, probably, from last night was the termination of Pam and Roy’s newly rekindled relationship.  Pam was determined to be honest in her life from now on, telling people directly what she wanted and not keeping any secrets.  So, she decided to tell Roy about when she kissed Jim.  Roy did not take the news well, trashing the bar they were at and saying “Jim Halpert is dead.”  This sets up what should be a fun storyline with Roy looking to get revenge on Jim.

There’s nothing much to say about The Office anymore.  It’s consistently the funniest, most original comedy on TV.  Keep watching.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV