Absolutely pivotal, can’t miss Veronica Mars tonight!  Anybody who was kvetching over the slow pace of the last few weeks of Veronica Mars got a huge payoff tonight.  This was Veronica Mars at its best.  There was no ‘sub-mystery’ this time around, just the continuation of last weeks cliff-hanger murder case and some major happenings in the Dean O’Dell case that continue to convolute a mystery in some very interesting ways, finally!  I was afraid the Dean O’Dell case was going to be one of the few yawners in Veronica Mars history;  I’m happy to say it looks like I am completely wrong.

For starters, lets dispense with this right away:  there was no Veronica / Logan action this episode.  Thankfully.  It’s not that I don’t think the relationship is a waste of viewers time, but when its over its over, and its time for Logan, and us, and Veronica, to move on.  And move they did.

Logan visits Veronica in jail and she sends him on an errand to drop something off to Mac who immediately drafts Logan as the fourth member of their Valentines day scavenger hunt.  What ensues is some good clean fun involving Kama Sutra, condoms, and swimming that seems to plant a little magnetism between Logan and Parker.  The episode was well played by Jason Dohring who really sells a revitalized and hopeful Logan here.

Back to business.  Crazy stuff in this episode.  First up, Veronica gets out of jail is quickly sidelined by Josh who wants her help getting out of the country.  She is skeptical, of course, but agrees to help after a 24 hour cooling down period.

On the O’Dell front, Keith convinces Lamb to go over the Dean’s belongings for prints and finds a set belonging to meth-boy himself, Mindy’s ex-husband.  They bring him in and surprise surprise, he claims that ‘she’ is setting him up.  A technicality temporarily buys him his freedom,  and you can’t help but get the feeling we’re going to see him again… soon.

The coach Barry case gets some closure when Josh goes to the bank to get his rare coin collection.  Amongst it is a dvd prepared by Coach Barry himself,  admitting to arranging his suicide to look like a random murder.  The reason?  He is leaving behind colossal debts and the murder will pay out double.  Turns out he was suffering from a rare neurological condition and was terminal.  He was facing a long, torturous death at the hands of the disease.

Lamb gets a call that there is a break in at the O’Dell home and goes to investigate with Keith in tow.  Sure enough, it is meth boy up to his shenanigans.  Lamb fires a wild shot and succeeds in attracting the attention of meth boy who nails Lamb in the head with a base-bal bat.  Lamb lays in blood, struggling to remain conscious and makes the curious statement “I smell bread”, which turns out to be sort of prophetic because shortly after we learn that Lamb is toast.   That’s right Lamb is dead.   Keith gets a call from the county commissioner asking to meet with him in the morning.

At the university, Weevil finds some bloody clothes and a pair of gloves in the furnace.  The shirt happens to have a monogram “H.R.L”, which just happens to be Professor Landry’s initials.

The next day, a pissed off Mindy O’Dell awaits the Sheriff,  furious that she is being called in for questioning, yet again.  Keith enters in full uniform, seems he is acting sheriff now… kind of interesting since he lost the election to Lamb based on past negligence in the , but hey this is TV… I can suspend disbelief.  Looks like Mindy has some ‘splainin to do, but we won’t get that until next week.

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