As we promised…er, not last week, but after the previous new episode of Prison Break two weeks ago, here’s your post-new-episode compilation of what’s going to happen on the next episode.

Next Monday (February 26) on Prison Break:

With Sara’s help, and despite Mahone’s interference by way of one of the other escapees, Lincoln and Michael think they may have finally found the evidence they need to expose the conspiracy. When they finally get their hands on the memory stick from Governor Tancredi’s humidor (containing a recording of the President and Steadman,) it causes them a great deal of grief when they can’t get it out. When they do manage it, they’re a little disappointed, as when they finally get to really listen to it, it’s not quite the easy answer they were hoping for. The brothers change tactics and head for the President, meeting up with Sara again along the way.

T-Bag visits psychiatrist Dr. Erik Stammel (played by Taylor Nichols) in Birmingham. Naturally, T-Bag has more on his mind than a little therapy. After realizing he and the doctor look alike, T-Bag decides to hide out by playing doctor for a while – by taking Stammel’s place.

Kellerman visits his sister Kristine Pace (Tina Holmes) who works for an environmental organization; family secrets are discussed that may reveal a lot more about how Kellerman came to be the man he is. Kellerman leaves to go after the President.

Sucre and Maricruz (Camille Guaty) attempt to hide out with Sucre’s aunt in Mexico. Bellick heads their way.

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