Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, “Redemption.”

Chloe’s still freaked that the first guy she kissed ended up dead. Chloe feels remorse and wants forgiveness from his family, so she and her mom attend the funeral. There, she discovers some cool sympathy powers and makes it her mission to help Xavier’s brother in order to be forgiven. Meanwhile, Alek pressures Chloe to break it off with Brian as he pretty much stalks her to keep her safe. Brian tries to bond with his assassin Daddy, but fails. Chloe chooses to take things slow with Brian. The Order is apparently stalking her chimney.

High Five Highlights:

5. The Opening Credits: Seriously make me laugh. Hard. The shots of the night sky, Chloe in crouched cat position (which looks remarkably like Spiderman’s pose — maybe cats and spiders share more DNA than we thought!) and then a close-up on her eyes, which go all CAT! Though not meant to be funny, they are so definitely enjoyable.

4. Superhero: Chloe’s got some cool empathy powers in the mix. I had no idea cats did anything remotely like that; I’m totally getting a cat now. More importantly, the show is really setting up Chloe to be a superhero. She wears leather, she knows cat kung fu, she has knowledgeable sidekicks, she feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders, and she puts herself at risk for other people. How could she not be an awesome superhero?

3. Serialized? The pilot was really cool — it had traces of great shows before it and it had a potential for a number of stories. I was a little surprised that they dealt with the Xavier- kiss-death-thing and I have to say it paid off — at least because it made me like Chloe that much more. Hopefully, the show will continue with having Chloe save the guest star of the week as her relationships and the mythology moves along slowly.

2. If You’re Going to San Francisco: You might as well use it! The shots of what I assume to be San Francisco are really welcomed. The show really plays up the location and the slanted streets and stuff. Best use of San Francisco since Charmed and Full House!

1. The Triangle: The triangle is definitely front and center; Chloe has two developing relationships with Brian and Alek. The chemistry between Chloe and Brian is quite enjoyable and cute–there’s a connection between the two. Yet the love-hate thing with Chloe and Alek is subtly growing. I really love that there are two definite options for one lucky Chloe that the show is grooming with care.


– Does Chloe really have killer kisses or did the Order kill Xavier? It was pretty ambiguous…

– Is the love triangle the best part about this show?

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