The Next Great American Band has provided audiences with twelve different and unique finalist bands.  Yesterday, we took a look at the six biggest underdogs remaining in the competition (knowing how these things go, one of them will probably win).  Today, we’ve ranked what we believe are the top six contenders for The Next Great American Band crown.  While you may disagree with the rankings we’ve presented, just know that these rankings are based not just on personal preference, but also on the perceived commercial potential of the finalist bands. 

#6 – Cliff Wagner and the Ol’ #7

Bluegrass is fun, but it’s not going to sell records, at least not as many as 19 Entertainment want to sell.  These guys can play, and maybe they have a lot of great material, maybe they don’t.  Really, it doesn’t matter.  High school and college kids aren’t going to flock to record stores to pick up the latest hot bluegrass album. 

#5 – The Clark Brothers

The brothers have the talent and potential to be something big, but like the judges said, they need more sound.  With no percussion, they may have some trouble playing some of the genres they’ll be asked to perform.  Also, since they played a cover, it’s unclear if they have any good original material.  If all they can do is cover traditional Christian hymns, there future isn’t very bright. 

#4 – The Muggs

These guys might be my favorite band in the competition.  However, I can’t place them higher because of their low commercial potential.  They are, after all, the self-proclaimed “world’s ugliest band”.  Then again, they play kick ass blues-y rock and I have a feeling they’ll be the best at going from genre to genre.  In the end, though, I don’t see commercial success in their future and feel like the votes just won’t be there from America.

#3 – Sixwire

I’m not a big country guy, but these guys seem to have the chops for mainstream country success.  Besides the fact they were previously signed to a label, these guys were the tightest, most polished band to perform during the auditions.  Their original song, while not the kind of music I tend to enjoy, sounded immediately ready for radio play.  Don’t be surprised if they win it all.

#2 – Tres Bien!

I will buy their album.  I love bands who hearken back to the tight, short pop songs of the sixties.  These guys could easily find a niche in today’s music scene.  They’re like a more family-friendly and melodious version of The Strokes.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ll do going forward.

#1 – Franklin Bridge

This Philadelphia soul band is the most unique band in the competition.  They also might be the best and the most commercial.  The band wasn’t as tight as some of the others, but they have a great sound that screams success. 

-Oscar Dahl BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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