Read our recap of the Lost season 4 premiere, “The Beginning of the End.”

fourth season premiere now has a title: “The Beginning of the End.” For fans, the five words are loaded with potential connotations.  Is this a reference to the fact that this is the beginning of a 48-part story designed to close the book on Lost’s ethereal mysteries? On the other hand, is it a reference to a more apocalyptic story line, drawing Lost’s mythology towards the immemorial trappings of a cosmogonic cycle, the birth and death of the universe.  A larger than life battle between our beloved, haggard castaways, and a force bent on the destruction of all they treasure.

In a series of exclusive photos from the season 4 premiere, TV Guide has given the world its first glimpse into the action of season 4.  The episode may, or may not, be the premiere, but there are familiar and puzzling components to the images.  Locke stands with Hurley, Sawyer, Desmond, and Sayid, as they all stare with their patented intensity at an off-screen threat.

It appears that Ben, still bloodied and bound, is along with them.  Locke has obviously been forgiven for killing Naomi, and Desmond has apparently made a hasty retreat from The Looking Glass, with Charlie’s corpse presumably still floating around in the radio room. 

What is more curious about this scene, is the fact that they are gathered around the nose section of Oceanic 815.  Have they happened upon the land locked piece of wreckage by sheer coincidence, or is the ill-fated derelict of importance yet again?

Despite how you slice your theories, the pictures do little other than remind us that somewhere out on the planet, tucked neatly behind the fierce static of ‘radio silence,’ Lost’s story engine is purring like a kitten, producing engaging and interesting images.

Lost returns to the air sometime in February 2007.

-Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TVGuide
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