Tonight was the final competition night on The Next Great American Band, and it’s about time.  I’m not sure if I’ve talked to anyone who is truly loving the season of American Band.  It’s certainly the worst series to come from the American Idol production team.  The show has its fair share of talent, and it was a worthy attempt at a new reality show.  A reality series for bands is an idea with potential, but it might have been inherently flawed.  I can’t point to anything about the show’s execution that didn’t allow the show to live up to its potential.  Each of the three final bands performed three songs tonight – one picked by the judges, one picked by FOX, and one picked by the band.  Next week sees the final episode of The Next Great American Band.

Light of Doom was eliminated tonight.  No surprise there.  The kids performed well throughout the season given their lack of experience, but they were not in any way deserving of a spot in the final three (let alone the final six). 

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “September”

This was the judge’s choice and it actually suits the band quite well.  The original has a ton of horns and it put Denver’s falsetto to the test.  Verdict: kind of weak.  He needed the back-up singers to help him with the high stuff.  Other than that, a good showing for Denver and crew.  Rzeznik starts off with the main concern regarding Denver: that they aren’t going to record good stuff.  Dicko agrees with Johnny. 

The Clark Brothers – “Change the World” 

I really like the original version of this song, and think the Brothers made their version too different from the original.  It has such a great melody to begin with that it didn’t need to be altered like it was.  It was interesting and well-played, though.  It’s hard to dislike what these guys do.  The judges love it. 

Sixwire – “Reelin’ in the Years”

This is an awesome Steely Dan, one recorded by great studio musicians and an incredibly difficult song to play live.  Sixwire, though, is a great live band and they kicked its ass.  Rzeznik says he’s not a fan of Steely Dan, which is ridiculous.  All the judges loved it, however. 

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “Vehicle”

I don’t know this song.   But it’s kind of an angry song, or at least that’s how Denver sang it.  Denver put on a pretty good singing performance here, and I enjoyed the song.  It was an awesome corporate performance.  Not going to translate to the studio.   The judges enjoy it. 

The Clark Brothers – “Amazed”

I don’t know this song either.  There was a really cheesy panning shot at the beginning of the song that made me laugh, just so you know.  It’s a slow ballad, and the Brothers perform it well.  Dicko isn’t a big fan of the song choice.  He calls the crowd “peasants” which is awesome. 

Sixwire – “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” 

I vaguely recognize this song.  It sounds like an Eagles ballad.  At this point, we know what we’re getting from these bands.  Sixwire is solid as always here.  Rzeznik thought it was bordering on smooth Jazz, but that’s more the song than the performance. 

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “The Way You Move Me”

This is one of their originals, and herein lies the problem with Denver as a recording artist.  It’s a cheesy song, and not something you would ever, ever see on MTV or on Top 40 radio.  That’s not to say it’s bad; it isn’t.  It’s just for the Adult Contemporary crowd, the same people who buy Kenny G albums.  The judges really love it, so what do I know?

The Clark Brothers – “This Little Light of Mine/Faith, Faith, Faith”

The Clark Brothers just rip up this old gospel/church song like only they do.  Again, we know exactly what we’re getting with each of these final bands.  This was nothing new from the Brothers, which is, to say, pretty darn good.  Rzeznik says that they deserve to win.  Everyone loves The Clark Brothers.  Can we just crown them champions right now? 

Sixwire – “Good to be Back”

This is one of their originals that sounds ready for the Country charts right now.  They’ve performed it before.  Great harmonies, good melody, ready to go.  Nice way to end the show. 

Next week the winner of The Next Great American Band will be crowned. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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