Best Mobisode ever.  The sixth episode of Lost: Missing Pieces hit phones today and, soon after, the internets.  What Lost fans received was actually a missing piece, a scene unlike the other Mobisodes, in that we had no idea this scene ever happened.  It involves Walt and sheds light on both what he’s capable of and the humanity of the Others.  Juliet and Ben keep on hogging the screen time on these Mobisodes – “Room 23” is a conversation between the two of them.  I’ve read in places that some fans are disappointed with the quality of the dialogue in these Mobisodes.  I understand the complaints, but that’s just the way it has to be when you’re only using two minutes of screen time to get a point across – the dialogue has to be obvious and on the nose.  Anyway, this is the gist of “Room 23”:

We see the infamous room 23 on the Others’ island and an alarm is going off.  People are running every which way.  Ben approaches Juliet and asks what happened.  She responds that he did it again.  Ben understands.  He tells Juliet that she needs to go tell him not to do it again.  She tells Ben that no, she’s not going in there.  Everyone is scared of him – no one will go into room 23.  He’s dangerous.  Juliet says that maybe they should just take him back to his camp.  Ben says no, Jacob wants him here, he is important. Juliet reiterates that he is dangerous.  But he’s just a kid, Ben responds.  Juliet leads him outside and shows him a pile of dead birds located below the boarded up window of room 23.  They stare at each other. 

Walt’s name is never used, but it’s definitely him.  Room 23 is the brainwashing room the Others had placed Karl in.  So, maybe it’s not a brainwashing room if they decided to place Walt, who Ben claims is special, inside.  The big thing, at least to me, is that Jacob was involved in the Others taking Walt.  Walt’s powers are still unclear; it’d be pretty weak if the best he can do is cause the deaths of various birds and set off alarms.  Cuse and Lindelof were recently quoted as saying that Walt is indeed important, and that they knew Malcolm David Kelley would grow faster than the character and they planned for it.  The other important part is the amount of fear that Walt has inflicted upon the Others’.  Ben and Juliet are legitimately frightened of him.  Given all this information, you have to wonder what happened between this Mobisode and Michael and Walt’s departure from the island.  Did Ben get everything he needed out of Walt before letting him leave?  Did they just eventually give up?  Was acquiring Sawyer, Kate and Jack too good of a trade to pass up, especially given Ben’s medical needs?

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