The pressure is on for The Messengers to close in on the second horseman and prevent the oncoming apocalypse. Having flexed their angelic muscles, the six messengers are finally hitting their stride and falling into their roles with ease. With each of The Messengers now completely at ease with their mission and having an understanding and control over their powers they are hard at work trying to make up for the failure of their first mission. As The Messengers close in on Leland Schiller and try to prevent him from breaking his seal, the Devil works overtime to make sure his vision comes to fruition. 

A Race to End Abadon

As Koa and The Devil approach Leland Schiller’s home, the Devil, for his own reasons, attempts to convince Koa to have mercy on Leland–obviously to allow him to become the Horseman–but Koa, on her mission of vengeance, decides that he does not deserve mercy. 

Outside of the gang’s home, Vera tells Allan who The Messengers are and what their mission is. Allan assuages Vera’s fear and instead tells her that he thinks her being an angel is “awesome.” He then asks her how does the meteor play into their plan, with Vera telling him she’s sure Senator Richard will use it for her own benefit. 

Inside the house, Raul, Joshua and Rose debate on whether to stop Leland or to move on to stop other Horsemen, since the countdown that’s been started by Leland and Abadon is down to 45 minutes. During their discussion, Vera brings Allan inside and tells them that he can be an asset to the team. Rose takes Vera aside and asks her why she is involving Allan when it could be dangerous for him, and Vera tells her that he is on board with the mission and that his intelligence and wit might come in handy. 

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Elsewhere, Erin receives a message from the hospital and finds out that her heart is bleeding which is causing the hematoma. She is then told that her heart can suffocate and collapse if she makes her situation worse. 

While Peter is outside searching for Leland Schiller’s whereabouts, Nadia comes over and easily guides Peter to track him down to two addresses. She also shows Peter a piece of paper with Peter’s birth parents information, leaving him to decide if he wants to pursue it or not. 

Divide and Conquer

The gang splits up and follows the two leads to stop Leland from breaking his seal. But just as Josh, Rose, Vera and Allan are about to head out, a minivan crashes in front of them and out climbs Josh’s wife, Charlotte. 

Charlotte tells Joshua that she was trying to get away from his father, and when Joshua goes to look in her purse he finds pharmaceutical drugs. Through another flashback we see that Charlotte and Joshua first met at a recovery meeting. Charlotte confirms to Joshua that her baby is indeed his father’s, then she shows Joshua the bruises on her arm and tells him that his father has been abusing her. 

Allan, Vera, and Rose arrive at their location, a warehouse, and figure out that they are inside Abadon’s central computer system and that Leland is not there. Rose is able to read the code and discovers that Leland intends to attack all Nero Health Centers and inevitably kill all the patients. 

At the Schiller’s residence, Koa goes inside and shape shifts into Leland’s mother when he spots her inside–bad news for Koa. Leland, obviously knowing that this is not his mother, drugs the tea Koa is drinking which causes her to pass out and shift back into her own body. 

Joshua meets his father in his church and tells him to stop abusing Charlotte like he abused him–The Messengers are really going all in with this family tragedy.

Joshua’s father then has a meeting with the Devil who gives him Joshua’s address. 

Back at Leland’s house, the evil villain monologues his plan to Koa, which involves informing her that his mother died at the hands of Nero Health, which is why he’s going to release the virus. He ends his monologue by showing that he’s kept his mother’s rotting corpse with him–super creep status achieved. 

Allan, Vera, and Rose are able to stop the virus from sending when Allan sets off the sprinkler system which destroys the computers in the warehouse. Leland seeing his system go down, blames it on Koa and sets off a gas bomb to kill her. 

One Step Ahead of The Devil

Joshua’s father comes to the house and tries to force Charlotte to come back and in their tussle, Charlotte hits her head on the mantel and goes unconscious. When Josh comes home and finds Charlotte she has blood seeping from her head. 

Erin, Peter, and Raul finally arrive at Leland’s house and Raul tries to save Koa but the gas knocks him out as well. Peter uses his gift to rip the window off the wall allowing more air, Erin and himself to go in and rescue both Koa and Raul. When Erin uses her power to heal Koa, she passes out. Peter calls Vera and tells them about Erin as they rush to the hospital. 

At the hospital Raul blames Koa for Erin’s state, and Joshua runs into his father and seeing the scratches on his neck deduces that his father was the one that hurt Charlotte. When the doctor attending Charlotte asks about the abuse, Joshua shows his father’s scratches and his father is promptly arrested. 

While outside, Joshua notices Schiller’s van in the parking lot. The gang deduces that Schiller is in the hospital using the computer connection there and they all separate and try to find him once again. 

Rose runs into the Devil who tries to convince her to work with him, but she just shuts him down yet again and goes on her way.

Vera and Allan use the bit of genesis stone in her necklace to find Leland. When Vera finds him, she tries to convince him to not break the seal and the Devil enters and preys on his loss to convince him to break his seal. 

The Devil and Vera engage in the classic angel versus devil dichotomy to sway Leland, when the Devil senses that he is losing, he grabs Vera’s necklace with the genesis stone and crushes it. Leland chooses to side with the good and when he does, the Devil vanishes. 

A Short Celebration

Raul tells Erin that they won and that Leland didn’t break his seal. He tells her that it’s all over and that they can go on to “make other plans now”. 

At the Last Supper Bar and Grill the gang celebrates with drinking and dancing. Koa and Raul have reconciled, and Joshua tells Vera that he doesn’t know what he can do now, that he’s lost his purpose. While Allan tells Rose that they still have to deal with the meteor issue even if the apocalypse isn’t happening. 

Looking around at the bar and at the gang, Peter tells Nadia that he doesn’t need to search for his birthparents because he has a new family now. 

In the last few moments of the show, Joshua considers abusing drugs again but doesn’t do anything, and we see Leland be released from jail because “someone” posted bail for him.

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