Last week MasterChef cut the field to 22 chefs. Now it’s time for them to show their talent and skill. Do these home chefs have what it takes to win MasterChef? Will the judges be lenient? How will this new judge fit in the mix?

The Competition Begins With a Mystery Box

As the MasterChef enters the kitchen studio, there is excitement and nerves. Everyone wants it so bad and Tosi is the big unknown. As they get to their stations, we’re ready for them to begin.

The very first mystery box is about to be open. While some appear anxious, others are excited like a child getting a present. Watch what you ask for Christmas because you may not like it, chefs. The baskets contain ingredients that the chefs left in their own kitchen’s back at home. Tosi tells them that they now must prove their worth!

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As the chefs cook, the judges walk around and ask questions. Time runs out and the judges compare the dishes. The judges want three chefs to step forward. Katrina is the first one called with a schnitzel. She laughs as the steps up with the dish. Ramsay finds the dish delicious but the fish is 30 seconds overcooked. And with Katrina’s smile, Ramsay feels like Father Christmas. Tosi thinks it is delicious but wanted more color. Elliott asks the origin of the dish. It’s family tradition and shows her heritage. He loves the Old World element and she steps back with a smile.

Next up is Dan from Chicago with a savory éclair. Tosi is up first as the judge and finds the filling is correct. Wow! He has impressed her. Ramsay tastes the dish but finds it is too creamy for his taste.

The last to bring their dish up is Hetal who is surprised at hearing her name. She has made a coconut curry soup. Elliott finds it delicious but wishes the dish had lentils. Ramsay tells Hetal her husband is a lucky man.

The judges award the first mystery box challenge to Dan. He will not have to cook in the next challenge, an apple pie designed by Tosi who has a bakery, Milk Bar, where she serves crazy cakes.

As Dan’s reward, he fills a bag with apples to share with the other contestants. The nine who do not get an apple will have to face the elimination challenge. He chooses the contestants to stay safe from elimination. While it looks like Hetal and Katrina are safe, Tommy is a surprise choice to me. Dan seems to have challenged the strong and home-grown chefs.

The Elimination Challenge

As the home chefs compete, Ramsay and the other judges walk around with questions. As the 90 minutes wind down, the judges urge the contestants to push. The first contestant up, Veronica, gets nervous and can’t remember what she’s cooked. Ramsay finds the pie delicious but a mess. Tosi finds the pie delicious and she met Tosi’s basic techniques. Elliott tells her he would eat another slice.

Christopher is next and he is nervous. He has used bourbon and he doesn’t like Ramsay’s questions. (Did I hear Christopher right? Did he just tell Ramsay to taste the pie? You don’t tell Ramsay what to do!) Well, Ramsay calls him out in a nice way and likes the pie.

Lydia is next and she isn’t proud of her pie. It looks like a mess. Elliott thinks the goat cheese was wrong. Tosi feels she went in the right direction but with wrong choices. With Derrick next, she’s worried because he used orange zest and brown sugar. Ramsay calls it delicious so I think Derrick is safe (even though Dan wants him gone). Next up is the home grown Stephen. Tosi loves the pie but it wasn’t baked long enough. Charlie did a “Grandma’s apple pie” and Elliot doesn’t like the technique.

Mateo’s pie has thick apples slices and is a mess. Mark may be on the way out as Ramsay doesn’t like it. Sara’s pie is huge and Elliott nails the description. She tells him that it’s a hot ticket item in the fall. Elliott calls is a slice of autumn and textbook. It looks like she’s safe as Brianna steps forward. Tosi commends her on the lattice work but the filling is like apple soup. I think we have another candidate here for elimination.

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The Elimination

Tosi announces that one pie stood out. She congratulates Christopher and he feels people can see his dedication. The three worst pies belong to Brianna, Mateo, and Olivia. Two cooks will go home and Mateo is called first with Elliott delivering the bad news. Mateo takes it well and promises to continue to cook. Now Brianna and Olivia have their pie issues discussed. Olivia is safe so Brianna will be going home. Brianna is okay with leaving. I think she misses her children.

Next Time on MasterChef

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