There were several things that stood out in week two of The Bachelorette season 11 such as the boxing match with Laila Ali, the first one-on-one date that involved an under water photo shoot and a stand-up comedy showdown with Amy Schumer.  And then there’s Kupah, who also stood out though not in a good way.

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Kupah James, the businessman from Boston, Massachusetts, practically called Kaitlyn Bristowe out for not paying enough attention to him. He wanted to make sure Kaitlyn felt a connection with him and she’s not just keeping him around as part of a minority quota. After Kaitlyn assured him she felt something for him until he started questioning her, things got really weird. Kupah immediately told the other guys about his conversation with Kaitlyn, who overheard everything and asked him to leave prior to the rose ceremony. But then Kupah refused to leave and made a huge scene over being sent home. Not surprisingly, Kupah got a lot of hate while Kaitlyn got a lot of love from Bachelor Nation.

Kaitlyn Bristowe: “I can always appreciate when someone is forward and honest, but I can’t appreciate aggression. And that’s how Kupah’s approach felt. Having to defend my initial connection was a weird position to be in. I felt like I had been knocked off my game and it put me in a very confusing headspace. By the way, Kupah, you voted for Britt; of course the connection isn’t AS strong – you didn’t feel it either! Then hearing him turn around and share our conversation with other people wasn’t a good feeling. Sending him home was the only thing that made sense at that moment. Hearing him yelling at production in the driveway only confirmed I made the correct choice because I wasn’t going to allow other people to be disrespected.”

Chris Harrrison: “On the polar opposite of the impression spectrum was Kupah. His conversation with Kaitlyn was like watching a fireman repeatedly run into a burning building to throw gasoline instead of water onto a raging fire. For a guy that seems supremely confident in himself and his knowledge about women, Kupah absolutely whiffed on this occasion. He paid zero attention to Kaitlyn during the group date and then he had the audacity to confront her and accuse her of ignoring him. Kaitlyn, to her credit, handled the entire situation with class, strength, and great restraint. She was absolutely turned off by this guy. The funny thing is that she liked him up until that point; I had talked to her and she really wanted him to open up a bit so she could get to know him. The more he talked the more you could watch Kaitlyn’s emotions sour…  Let me tell you what a woman definitely wants to hear when she’s pissed off and trying to have a serious conversation with a man: ‘I think you’re hot!’ That might’ve been the single worst-timed line ever on this show. If it wasn’t already over with him before then (and it was), it was beyond over now. Kaitlyn wisely sent Kupah home and was ready to go on with her night, but as you saw he just wasn’t going quietly. Well, Kaitlyn was fired up and tired of his antics and she isn’t one to just sit by and be disrespected — so this ain’t over yet! I truly loved seeing this side of Kaitlyn.” 

Jillian Harris: “I can always appreciate when someone is forward and honest, but I can’t appreciate aggression. And that’s exactly how Kupah handled everything. I think Kaitlin did the right thing by letting him go. And trust me there were some guys in my season I wish I would have done that to earlier in the game too. Kaitlin’s got some balls and I love that about her!!!” 

Ali Fedotowsky: “And then there’s Kupah. Well, all I have to say about him is that he sucks and Kaitlyn rules for handling it the way she did. This girl rocks!” 

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