Isn’t it about time that Patrick Jane–former fake psychic turned CBI consultant, as he loves to insist–tackle something of the supernatural kind?

I mean, think of his past day job.  “I see your dead husband,” he’d probably go, “and he’s saying this and that and this and that.”  And then he’d piss off Red John and have him kill his wife and child, which led him to that psychiatrist, which led him here, and us, here.

On tonight’s episode of The Mentalist, the CBI investigates the death of a wealthy man who lives in a haunted mansion.  Now, surely you see the word “haunted” and you start wondering, how the heck will Jane deal with this?  I doubt he’d fake anything, but I’m sure his past will catch up with him–and when the mansion’s former owner comes up and demands that he contact the ghosts haunting the house, well, he has to do it, right?

Maybe he will fake the talking, but see the details anyway.

Also, when you see the word “haunted”, you see two people get together, slightly freaked out by what is ahead.  I’ll add identities to that: Rigsby and Van Pelt, getting closer.  I smell a big “wheee!” coming up.

Eureka‘s Frances Fisher guest stars as that former mansion owner who’s got a grudge against the new occupants, on this all-new episode of The Mentalist, tonight from 10pm on CBS.  If you want to see Jane go chest-down on a creaky wooden floor, the photos are right below.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Henrik Batallones

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