Supernatural returns Thursday at 9pm with the first of four straight new episodes.  In “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” Dean plays a high stakes game of poker to try and get Bobby out of his wheelchair, but he ends up giving away years of his life, turning him into an old man.

The one video clip we already posted shows that we should expect plenty of jokes about Dean becoming an old man, but aside from a surprisingly random Grumpy Old Men reference, what more do we hope to see from senior citizen Dean Winchester?  Here are the five things I most want to see him do in this episode of Supernatural.

1. Watching CBS

I know next week is the big TV parody episode, but turning Dean into an old man offers the perfect opportunity to take a dig at CBS for being a network that caters to senior citizens.  Maybe as an old man, Dean suddenly has an interest in settling and watching an episode of Criminal Minds.

2. Eating an Early Bird Special

Dean loves to eat, but old people are always eating insanely early.  Combining these two things, who wouldn’t want to watch Dean scarf down a burger before holding his chest because of the intense heartburn?

3. Driving the Impala

Old people aren’t particularly good drivers, but nothing can keep Dean out of his Impala.  Just imagine watching the Impala cruise down the highway at a brisk 25 miles per hour with the blinker flashing the whole time.

4. Hitting on Co-Eds

You can’t keep a good man down, and even if he’s a senior citizen, I suspect Dean will still be going after pretty young ladies in bars.  The only question is whether Dean has as much game as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother who once tried to accomplish the same feat.

5. A Viagra Joke

We all know Dean’s libido is always running, as showed by his hairy palms in the last episode.  But as an old man, things don’t work so well, so I fully expect a joke about old man Dean using or trying to use Viagra.

What old people jokes do you want to see on Supernatural this week?  Leave a comment with your suggestions so we can see who was right.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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